9 Best Thread Holder or Thread Rack: Review with FAQ

A thread holder or thread rack is an essential and practical accessory for anyone involved in sewing, quilting, or various crafting projects. It serves as a dedicated storage and organization solution for spools of sewing thread, ensuring they remain tidy, accessible, and easily identifiable. Thread holders or racks are designed to help sewing enthusiasts and crafters keep their threads in order, preventing tangling and saving valuable workspace.

These handy tools come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of users. Whether you have a small collection of thread or a vast array of colors, a thread holder or rack can help you maintain order in your sewing area. They can be mounted on walls, placed on tabletops, or even hung on doors, providing flexibility in terms of space utilization.

Thread holders and racks not only offer practical benefits but can also be aesthetically pleasing additions to your crafting space. Some are designed with decorative elements that enhance the visual appeal of your sewing area while keeping your thread collection organized and within easy reach.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the features, benefits, and considerations when it comes to using a thread holder or rack, helping you choose the right one to enhance your sewing and crafting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just getting started with your sewing journey, a thread holder or rack can become an indispensable tool for a more organized and enjoyable creative process.

1. NW Wooden Thread Holder Sewing and Embroidery Thread Rack and Organizer Thread Rack for Sewing with Hanging Hooks for Wall(48-Spools)

Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Here are the features of the wooden thread holder:

Versatile Thread Storage: The thread holder is designed to accommodate various types of threads, including sewing, quilting, and embroidery spools, as well as most mini cones.

Wall-Mountable: The holder has hang hooks, allowing it to be easily hung on the wall for convenient storage and access.

Adjustable Spindle: The spindle on the holder can hold a variety of spool or conical sizes, making it suitable for storing different thread types and sizes.


  • Overall Size: 16.37×12 inches, providing ample space for thread storage.
  • Spindle Size: The spindle has a diameter (Dia) of 5mm and a length of 1.37 inches.
  • Distance Between Shafts: Approximately 1.65 inches, allowing for organized placement of thread spools.

Flip-Out Legs: The thread holder features flip-out legs that enable it to stand freestanding on a table or any flat surface. This is a handy feature for those who prefer to keep it on a tabletop.

Multi-Purpose: Whether you want a wall-mounted solution for easy access or a tabletop thread organizer, this thread holder offers both options to suit your preferences and workspace.

Size Compatibility: The statement advises customers to consider the size of the wooden frame when purchasing, ensuring it meets their specific thread storage needs.

In summary, the wooden thread holder is a versatile, space-saving, and convenient solution for storing various threads, with flexibility in size and placement options to suit the user’s requirements.

2. BAENRCY 120-Spools Wooden Thread Holder Sewing and Embroidery Thread Rack and Organizer Thread Rack for Sewing

Product Overview: At a Glance

Thread Holder and Thread Rack

Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Versatile Thread Storage: The holder is designed to accommodate various types of threads, such as sewing, quilting, and embroidery spools, as well as mini cones.

Adjustable Spindle: The spindle is adjustable to hold a variety of spool or cone sizes, ensuring it can store all kinds of threads.

Multiple Hanging Options: It can be hung on the wall, making it an excellent space-saving option. Alternatively, it has flip-out legs that allow it to be freestanding on a table or countertop.

Size Compatibility: The product advises customers to check the size of the wooden frame and purchase it according to the size of the thread spools they intend to store, indicating a customizable fit for different thread sizes.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the holder are approximately 15″ x 24″ (width x length), providing a spacious storage area for threads and making it suitable for hanging on the wall or placing on a table.

These features highlight the versatility, adjustability, and convenience of the wooden thread holder, making it suitable for various sewing and crafting needs.


3. Laflare Braid Rack 60 Spools, P.P Braiding Hair Stand, Thread Rack, Sewing Organizer, Quilting, Embroidery – Versatile Extension Holder

Product Overview: At a Glance

Thread Holder or Thread Rack

Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Versatility: The Hair Braiding Rack is versatile and can be used in multiple ways, including standing on a table, attaching it to a Salon Trolley Cart, or hanging it on the wall using a self-adhesive hook.

Organization: It helps to keep hair pieces well-organized, allowing for efficient and swift hair installation without the need to constantly restock hair.

Multi-Purpose Use: This rack is not limited to just hair; it can also serve as a display rack for various small items like jewelry, rings, threads, thread spools, scarves, and more.

Pre-Separation: It can be used to pre-separate pre-looped crochet hairs.

Size and Spool Capacity:

  • Height of the Peg: 1.6 inches
  • Braid Rack Size: 15.75 inches x 12 inches x 7 inches
  • Space Between Spools: 1.5 inches
  • Spool Capacity: 60 spools

Materials: Made from PP (Polypropylene) with a natural wood color, making it durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Time-Saving: It enhances the efficiency of hair braiding by saving time and enabling hairdressers to serve more customers in a shorter time frame, leading to greater customer satisfaction.



4. Sew Tech Thread Rack for 60 Spools or 30 Cones, Wall Mounted Large Thread Holder with Long Pegs, Bright White Plastic Thread Stand for Embroidery Serger Sewing Thread Storage and Hair Braiding


Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Super Storage Capability:

    • The thread rack has 60 extremely long pegs, 2 to 3 times longer than ordinary thread holders.
    • Each peg can hold up to 2 spools or large cones, maximizing storage space.

High Flexibility:

    • It can be mounted on the wall or free-stand on a table.
    • Allows for stacking spools on top of each other.
    • Pegs can be adjusted or removed to accommodate different storage needs.

Premium Quality and Appearance:

    • Elegant bright white appearance adds a touch of beauty to your room.
    • Made of durable engineering plastic material for long-lasting use.

Stable Spool Holding:

    • Longer pegs and wider storage plates ensure spools stay securely in place.
    • The rack remains stable even when fully loaded with spools.

Multi-Functional Rack:

    • Not limited to thread storage; it can also be used as a braiding rack for hair braids.
    • Suitable for holding bracelets, rings, necklaces, jewelry, and finger puppets, offering versatility in its use.

These features highlight the thread rack’s exceptional storage capacity, flexibility, quality, stability, and its potential for various uses beyond thread organization.



5. US Art Supply Premium Beechwood 120-Spool Sewing and Embroidery Thread Rack

Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Premium Natural Beechwood Construction:

    • Superior Appearance and Durability: The use of high-quality natural beechwood ensures an appealing and durable design.

120-Spool Thread Rack:

    • Suitable for Holding Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery Spools: The rack has the capacity to store up to 120 spools, making it ideal for various thread types used in sewing, quilting, and embroidery.
    • Accommodates Mini Cones: It can also accommodate most mini cones of thread.

Customizable Appearance:

    • Natural Hardwood Can Be Painted or Stained: The natural hardwood finish of the rack can be customized to match any room decor by painting or staining it.

Spindle Versatility:

    • Accommodates a Wide Variety of Spool or Cone Sizes: The spindles on the rack are designed to hold a wide range of spool or cone sizes, providing flexibility in thread storage.

Versatile Placement Options:

    • Flip-Out Legs for Freestanding Use: The rack comes with flip-out legs, allowing it to stand on a table or any flat surface.
    • Wall Mountable: It can also be hung on a wall for space-saving storage options.



6. Deluxe Embroidex 60 Spool Cone Thread Stand/Rack Organizer for Sewing and Embroidery Machine Easy Setup

Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Effective Thread Organization: This rack provides a highly effective system for organizing sewing thread spools, preventing your stash from becoming a mess and making it easier to find the right spool.

Easy Accessibility: It allows for easy access to the right thread spools, eliminating the need to search through drawers or dig around to find matching threads.

Ample Storage Capacity: The rack can hold up to 60 spools of various sizes, and its removable pins can accommodate extra-large spools. It also enables stacking duplicate thread spools, providing a clear view of your inventory to prevent overstocking and duplication.

Durable and High Quality: Made from superior quality plastic, this rack is sturdy and durable. It is wall-mountable and features a white finish that complements any décor. Assembly is easy.

Tangle-Free Protection: The rack helps keep your threads tangle-free by preventing spools from unraveling or becoming loose and saggy. Each spool is well-supported and separated from others.

Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee: The manufacturer offers a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to purchase with confidence. If you’re not satisfied, they will address any concerns without questions.

Creative Organization: Encourages a creative and organized way to store your crafting essentials, ensuring that your threads remain tangle-free and easily accessible.

Thread Preservation: It helps preserve the integrity of your threads, preventing them from breaking apart while you work with them, which is often a result of improper storage.

In summary, the Embroidex Thread Organizer Rack is a versatile, durable, and user-friendly solution for keeping your sewing threads well-organized, easily accessible, and in excellent condition.



7. HAITRAL 54-Spool Sewing Thread Rack 2 Packs, Wall-Mounted Sewing Thread Holder with Hanging Hooks, Metal Organize for Mini Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Jewelry

Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Nice Size: The sewing rack measures 16.1412.42.17 inches, providing ample space for organizing your sewing threads. The 54-spool capacity with a gap of 1.69 inches between spools and spool height of 1.57 inches accommodates small, medium, and large thread cones.

Metal Construction: This thread rack is constructed from premium metal, ensuring exceptional sturdiness and durability. It’s resistant to breakage and rust, guaranteeing a long service life for your daily sewing needs.

Multifunctional: Besides organizing thread spools, this metal sewing rack can be used to secure and store various other small items, such as jewelry, keychains, umbrellas, and even braided hair. Its elegant black appearance complements room decor.

Complete Accessories: The package includes two thread holders, six expansion nails, and one manual for easy installation. Each wall-hanging rack features two wall hanging holes on the back, making installation a simple process.

Versatile Placement: The two racks can be installed on the wall, providing easy access to your sewing threads and other small objects. This convenient setup is suitable for those who enjoy tailoring and embroidery.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a 30-day return and money-back guarantee, prioritizing customer satisfaction. If any issues arise, they are ready to provide premium quality and top-notch service. Note that the warranty might not apply to purchases from Amazon Warehouse deals or third-party sellers.


8. Madam Sew 60-Spool Sewing Thread Rack for Spools of Thread – Free Standing or Wall Mount Embroidery Thread Spool Holder with Attached Eyelets for Sewing Organization and Storage

Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5


60-Peg Sewing Thread Organizer: This organizer comes with 60 pegs, allowing you to create a wall of color for your embroidery and sewing threads.

Space-Saving Design: The organizer helps you free up space for other sewing notions, making it an efficient storage solution for your craft room.

6 Bonus Spool Huggers: Included with the organizer are 6 spool huggers, which help keep your threads secure and prevent tangling.

Table-Top or Wall-Mount Options: You can choose to set it up on a table or mount it on the wall, providing flexibility for small craft rooms. Attached metal eyelets make hanging easy.

Generous Peg Spacing: With a spacing of 1.7″ between pegs, the organizer can accommodate mini king spools and cones comfortably. The pegs extend 1.25″ to hold spools securely in place.

Lightweight and Movable: This thread organizer is lightweight and easily movable. You can hang it inside a closet, in your bedroom, or even set it up on your dining room table if you lack a dedicated sewing room.

High-Quality Wood Construction: The organizer is durably constructed using high-quality wood that has been sanded smooth, ensuring both functionality and an attractive appearance.

Gift-Worthy: It makes for an excellent gift, suitable for occasions like Mother’s Day or Christmas, and is an ideal choice for any seamstress or crafter.



9. HAITARL 32-Spool Sewing Thread Rack, Wall-Mounted Metal Sewing Thread Holder with Hanging Tools, Metal Rack for Organize Sewing Thread, Embroidery-Suitable for Large Thread

Product Overview: At a Glance


Our Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5


Perfect Size: The rack measures 15.6″ x 12.2″, providing ample space for organizing your thread spools and cones.

32-Spool Capacity: This sewing organizer comes with a 32-spool thread rack, allowing you to store a variety of small, medium, and large thread spools and cones.

Spool Spacing: The spools are spaced 2 inches apart, making it easy to access and organize your threads.

Durable and High Quality: Constructed from superior quality metal, the HAITRAL thread organizer rack is sturdy and durable, ensuring it lasts for a long time.

Wall Mounting: The rack includes 2 wall hanging holes in the back, along with 2 plastic anchors, 2 screws, 3 stickers, and a screwdriver, making it easy to mount on your wall without the need for additional accessories.

Versatile Decor: The black metal design of the sewing thread organizer, combined with colorful thread spools, can serve as a stylish and decorative piece for your home, adding a touch of loft style to your space. Additionally, it can be repurposed for organizing items like plastic tapes.

Satisfaction Guarantee: The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day return and money-back guarantee. If you encounter any issues, the manufacturer offers premium quality and exceptional service to ensure customer satisfaction. Note that this warranty may not apply to purchases from third-party sellers.

FAQ About  Thread Holder or Thread Rack Or Thread organizer

What are the benefits of using a thread holder or rack?

  • Organization: Thread holders or Thread racks help you neatly arrange and categorize your thread collection, making it easy to find the right color quickly.

  • Prevent Tangling: They prevent thread spools from tangling, which can be frustrating during sewing.

  • Space-Saving: Thread racks help save space in your sewing area, as they can be wall-mounted, table-top, or hung on a door.

  • Decorative: Some thread holders are designed as decorative pieces, enhancing the visual appeal of your sewing or crafting space.

How do I choose the right thread holder or Thread rack?

Consider the following factors:

  • Capacity: Choose a holder with enough space to accommodate your thread collection.

  • Construction: Look for sturdy and durable materials, such as metal or wood.

  • Mounting Options: Decide whether you want a wall-mounted, freestanding, or door-hanging rack.

  • Aesthetics: Consider the design and color to ensure it complements your sewing space.

Can I make my own DIY thread holder or Thread rack?

Yes, you can create a DIY thread holder or Thread rack using materials like wood, pegboard, or even a simple wooden frame with nails. There are numerous tutorials available online for crafting your own customized thread storage solution.

How do I organize thread on a holder or Thread rack?

You can organize your thread by color, type, or any other system that suits your needs. Many holders have labeled slots or pegs for easy categorization.

Can a thread holder accommodate various thread spool sizes?

Most thread holders are designed to accommodate a variety of thread spool sizes, including small, medium, and large spools. They typically have adjustable pegs or slots to accommodate different spool sizes.

Are there options for portable thread holders or Thread racks?

Yes, there are portable thread holders available, designed with carrying handles or cases for those who need to transport their thread collection to sewing classes or events.

 Can a thread holder or Thread rack be used for other craft supplies?

Absolutely. While they are primarily designed for thread, these holders or Thread racks can also be repurposed for organizing items like ribbons, tapes, or other crafting materials.

How do I clean and maintain a thread holder or thread rack?

Cleaning and maintenance usually involve wiping it down with a damp cloth and ensuring that screws or fasteners are secure. Regular dusting and checking for any signs of wear and tear will help keep your thread holder in good condition.

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