Bernette 05 Academy Review in details

The BERNETTE 05 ACADEMY Sewing Machine stands out as the best choice of sewing machine, for its exceptional features.

Bernette is a brand of sewing machines known for offering quality machines at affordable prices. It is owned by the Swiss company Bernina International AG, which is renowned for its high-end sewing and embroidery machines.

Bernette sewing machines cater to both beginners and experienced sewers, providing a range of features suitable for various sewing projects. They offer a variety of models, including mechanical and computerized machines, as well as machines designed specifically for quilting, embroidery, and other specialized tasks.

One of the key selling points of Bernette machines is their ease of use and durability. They are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and clear instructions, making them ideal for beginners who are just learning to sew. At the same time, they incorporate advanced features that appeal to more experienced sewers, such as adjustable stitch settings, automatic thread cutters, and programmable stitch patterns.

Bernette sewing machines are popular among hobbyists, home sewers, and even some small businesses due to their reliability, versatility, and affordability compared to other brands in the market. Whether you’re looking to sew garments, home decor items, or undertake more intricate projects like quilting or embroidery, Bernette offers a range of machines to suit your needs.

The BERNETTE 05 ACADEMY Sewing Machine appears to be designed with features that enhance the sewing experience, particularly with a focus on ease of use and powerful performance.

Below you will find the BERNETTE 05 ACADEMY Sewing Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points.

Review of: BERNETTE 05 ACADEMY Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating:  4.7 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • Heavy metal frame for stability and durability.
  • 30 built-in stitches for versatile sewing options.
  • Maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute.
  • Adjustable sewing speed for different projects.
  • 12 included presser feet for various tasks.
  • Finger guard for safety during sewing.
  • 2 LED sewing lights for better visibility.
  • Power switch with speed limitation for control.
  • High-quality extension table for extra sewing space.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure for fabric feeding.
  • Exclusive Lycra Stitch for stretchy materials.
  • Blanket Stitch for decorative edges.
  • Easy-to-use manual needle threader.
  • Manual thread cutter for convenience.
  • Drop-in hook system for easy bobbin insertion.
  • Maximum stitch length of 4 mm.
  • Space to the right of the needle of 6.49 inches.
  • Retractable feed dog for even stitching.
  • Half-speed mode for tricky projects.
  • Super large slide-on table for comfort.
  • Smooth fabric feeding mechanism.
  • Maximum stitch width of 6 mm.
  • Adjustable upper thread tension.
  • Robust motor for efficient sewing.
  • Simplified operation for user convenience.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent BERNETTE 05 ACADEMY Sewing Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons



  • Robust Construction: The heavy metal frame ensures stability and durability, providing a sturdy platform for sewing.
  • Versatile Stitching Options: With 30 built-in stitches, including specialty stitches like the Lycra Stitch and Blanket Stitch, users have ample options for diverse sewing projects.
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed: The machine offers adjustable sewing speed, allowing users to tailor the speed according to their project requirements.
  • Comprehensive Accessory Kit: The inclusion of 12 presser feet and other accessories enhances versatility and convenience.
  • Safety Features: The finger guard adds an extra layer of safety during sewing, particularly for beginners or those working with delicate fabrics.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with two LED sewing lights, ensuring optimal illumination of the work area for improved visibility.
  • Extension Table: The high-quality extension table provides additional sewing space, particularly beneficial for larger projects.
  • Customizable Presser Foot Pressure: Adjustable presser foot pressure ensures even fabric feeding and prevents gathering or puckering.
  • Specialty Stitches: Exclusive stitches like the Lycra Stitch and Blanket Stitch cater to specific sewing needs and add decorative flair.
  • Half-Speed Mode: Ideal for intricate or delicate projects, allowing users to sew at a slower pace with greater precision.
  • Retractable Feed Dog: Facilitates even stitching for darning or free-motion sewing, enhancing versatility.
  • Reliable Performance: The machine’s robust motor ensures consistent performance, handling various fabrics and sewing tasks with ease.


  • Manual Needle Threader: Some users may find the manual needle threader less convenient compared to automatic options.
  • Manual Thread Cutter: Similarly, the manual thread cutter may require additional effort compared to automatic thread cutters.
  • Learning Curve for Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment: Adjusting the presser foot pressure may be challenging for novice users initially.

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the bernette 05 ACADEMY sewing machine! In this detailed overview, we’ll explore the multitude of features that make this sewing machine a versatile and reliable tool for all your sewing projects. From its sturdy construction to its wide range of functions and accessories, the bernette 05 ACADEMY is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced sewers alike. So, let’s dive in and discover everything this impressive machine has to offer.

Heavy Metal Frame

The bernette 05 ACADEMY boasts a heavy metal frame that provides exceptional stability and durability. This robust construction ensures that the machine remains steady even during intense sewing sessions, resulting in precise and consistent stitching.

Wide Range of Stitches

With 30 built-in stitches, including essential stitches and decorative options, the bernette 05 ACADEMY offers versatility for various sewing projects. Whether you’re hemming garments, creating intricate designs, or quilting, you’ll find the perfect stitch for every task.

Maximum Sewing Speed

Equipped with a powerful motor, the bernette 05 ACADEMY can achieve a maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute. This impressive speed allows you to complete your projects quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Adjustable Sewing Speed

For added flexibility, the bernette 05 ACADEMY features an adjustable sewing speed. Whether you need to slow down for delicate fabrics or speed up for larger projects, you can easily customize the sewing speed to suit your preferences and requirements.

Included Presser Feet

The bernette 05 ACADEMY comes with a comprehensive set of 12 presser feet, providing versatility for a wide range of sewing tasks. From basic stitching to specialized techniques like quilting and zipper installation, you’ll have the right presser foot for every job.

Finger Guard

Safety is paramount when sewing, which is why the bernette 05 ACADEMY includes a finger guard. This feature protects your fingers from accidental contact with the needle, giving you peace of mind as you work on your projects.

LED Sewing Lights

Two bright LED lights illuminate the work area of the bernette 05 ACADEMY, ensuring optimal visibility while sewing. Whether you’re working in a dimly lit room or tackling intricate details, you’ll have clear visibility of your stitching for precise results.

Power Switch with Speed Limitation

The bernette 05 ACADEMY is equipped with a power switch that includes a speed limitation feature. This allows you to control the maximum sewing speed, providing added safety and control, especially for beginners or when working on intricate projects.

High-Quality Extension Table

For added convenience and workspace, the bernette 05 ACADEMY comes with a high-quality extension table. This table provides extra sewing space, making it easier to handle larger projects or maneuver bulky fabrics with ease.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

Ensuring even fabric feeding is essential for achieving professional-looking results. With the bernette 05 ACADEMY, you can adjust the presser foot pressure to accommodate different fabric thicknesses, preventing unwanted gathering or puckering of the fabric.

Exclusive Stitch Selection

In addition to the 30 essential stitches, the bernette 05 ACADEMY offers an exclusive stitch selection that includes highly sought-after options like the Lycra Stitch for stretchy materials and the Blanket Stitch for decorative edges. This allows you to explore a wide range of sewing techniques and creative possibilities.

Perfect Fabric Feeding Made Easy

The bernette 05 ACADEMY simplifies fabric feeding with its adjustable presser foot pressure mechanism. Say goodbye to unwanted gathering of thin or thick fabrics, as you can easily adjust the pressure to ensure smooth and even fabric feeding for flawless stitching.

Retractable Feed Dog

With the retractable feed dog feature, achieving evenly spaced stitches for darning or free-motion sewing is effortless. Simply lower the feed dog with a simple move on the back of the machine, and enjoy precise stitching without the need for additional attachments or adjustments.

Half-Speed Mode

For tricky sewing projects that require extra precision, the bernette 05 ACADEMY offers a half-speed mode with a maximum speed of 650 stitches per minute. This allows you to sew at a slower pace, ensuring greater control and accuracy in your stitching.

Super Large Slide-On Table

The easy-to-attach slide-on table provided with the bernette 05 ACADEMY enhances sewing comfort, especially for large projects. With ample space to support your fabric, you can enjoy smoother fabric guiding and stitching, resulting in professional-looking results.

Smooth Fabric Feeding Mechanism

Thanks to its advanced design, the bernette 05 ACADEMY ensures smooth fabric feeding with every stitch. Whether you’re working with delicate silk or heavy denim, you can trust that this machine will handle your fabrics with ease, producing consistent and flawless results.

Maximum Stitch Width

With a maximum stitch width of 6 mm, the bernette 05 ACADEMY offers versatility for various sewing techniques and decorative effects. Whether you’re creating decorative stitches or functional seams, you’ll have the flexibility to customize your stitching according to your preferences.

Adjustable Upper Thread Tension

Achieving optimal tension between the upper and bobbin threads is crucial for producing neat and even stitches. With the bernette 05 ACADEMY, you can easily adjust the upper thread tension to ensure balanced stitching and professional-quality results with every project.

Robust Motor

Powered by a robust motor, the bernette 05 ACADEMY delivers reliable performance for all your sewing needs. Whether you’re sewing long straight seams or intricate details, you can trust that this machine will provide consistent power and precision, ensuring excellent results every time.

Simplified Operation

Despite its advanced features and capabilities, the bernette 05 ACADEMY is designed for user convenience and ease of operation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, you’ll appreciate the intuitive controls and straightforward design of this machine, making sewing a breeze.


  • Finger guard
  • BERNINA Needle Set 130/705 H
  • Height compensation tool
  • Bobbin
  • Seam ripper/brush
  • Right seam guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Large spool pin
  • Large spool holder
  • Small spool holder
  • Large spool felt
  • Oiler
  • Spool net


FeatureBernette 05 AcademyJanome 2212
FrameHeavy metal frameSturdy aluminum construction
Stitches30 built-in stitches, including specialty stitches12 built-in stitches, basic options
Sewing SpeedUp to 1100 stitches per minuteUp to 860 stitches per minute
Presser Feet12 included presser feet4 included presser feet
Needle ThreaderManualBuilt-in automatic needle threader
Thread CutterManualBuilt-in thread cutter
Sewing Lights2 LED sewing lightsOne incandescent sewing light

FAQ about Bernette 05 Academy

What makes the Bernette 05 Academy stand out from other sewing machines?

The Bernette 05 Academy stands out for its combination of robust construction, versatile features, and user-friendly design. With its heavy metal frame, wide range of stitches, adjustable sewing speed, and included accessories such as presser feet and extension table, it offers exceptional value and performance for sewers of all skill levels.

Is the Bernette 05 Academy suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Bernette 05 Academy is suitable for beginners due to its intuitive controls, easy-to-follow instructions, and straightforward design. Whether you’re just starting out or have some sewing experience, you’ll find this machine easy to use and capable of handling a variety of sewing projects with ease.

What types of projects can I tackle with the Bernette 05 Academy?

The Bernette 05 Academy is versatile enough to handle a wide range of projects, including garment construction, quilting, home decor, and more. With its 30 built-in stitches, adjustable sewing speed, and included presser feet, you can sew everything from simple alterations to intricate embroidery with confidence.

Can I adjust the sewing speed on the Bernette 05 Academy?

Yes, you can adjust the sewing speed on the Bernette 05 Academy to suit your preferences and the requirements of your project. Whether you need to sew quickly for larger projects or slow down for delicate fabrics or intricate details, you can easily customize the sewing speed to achieve the desired results.

How durable is the Bernette 05 Academy?

The Bernette 05 Academy is built to last, thanks to its heavy metal frame and high-quality construction. Whether you’re sewing lightweight fabrics or heavy-duty materials, you can trust that this machine will provide reliable performance and withstand the rigors of frequent use for years to come.


In conclusion, the Bernette 05 Academy sewing machine offers a compelling combination of robust construction, versatile features, and user-friendly design, making it a valuable tool for sewers of all skill levels. With its heavy metal frame providing stability and durability, 30 built-in stitches including specialty options like the Lycra Stitch and Blanket Stitch, and adjustable sewing speed, this machine caters to a wide range of sewing needs and preferences.

The inclusion of 12 presser feet, a finger guard for safety, LED sewing lights for visibility, and a high-quality extension table further enhance its usability and convenience. Additionally, features such as adjustable presser foot pressure, retractable feed dog, and half-speed mode offer added control and precision, particularly for intricate projects.

While the manual needle threader and thread cutter may require some manual effort, overall, the Bernette 05 Academy delivers reliable performance and professional-quality results. Its comprehensive set of accessories and thoughtful design elements make sewing enjoyable and accessible, allowing users to unleash their creativity and tackle various projects with confidence.

Overall, the Bernette 05 Academy stands out as a dependable and versatile sewing machine that meets the demands of modern sewing enthusiasts, making it a worthy investment for anyone looking to elevate their sewing experience.

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