Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine Review

If you are tired of searching for an inexpensive and considerably small sewing machine with plenty of power, here is a piece of good news for you!
Kenmore mini ultra sewing machine review is all of your stitching needs.
However, compared to a traditional household sewing machine, this machine has a small number of features.
But Yet, Kenmore provides such kinds of functions that you’ll want in a tiny sewing machine. You can stitch 6 types as straight stitches, a couple of zig-zags, and a buttonhole stitch. And all of them operate well, and changing from one stitch to the next is clear cut.
Despite its tiny stature, it stitches at the same speed as larger machines while taking up less space.

Product Overview: At a Glance

Review of: Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine


Our overall rating of 4.2 out of 5

Why is it Best?

The Kenmore Mini Ultra is reliable and portable sewing machine, which gives the best performance for beginners. This sewing machine is more qualified and capable of delivering trouble-free service. It is available at a reasonable price on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others platform.

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Features of the Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine


We know that the finest domestic machine with a large variety of functions has a stitch speed of around 800 stitches per minute. But this smallish sewing machine is a pleasant surprise!
Kenmore mini ultra sewing machine can sew denim-like fabrics, even at a rate of 500 stitches per minute.
However, the stitching number depends on the cloth’s quality and the way of your sewing.

Buttonhole and Six Stitches

It may be particularly frustrating when compared to home sewing machines, which typically offer approximately 100 built-in stitches to pick from.
However, Kenmore won’t dishearten you. It has a total of six amazing stitch styles to choose from. In addition to the Six stitches, there is a bartack buttonhole on the dial that you may select.

Portability and Size

Needless to say that, this element is explained by the term “Mini.” Getting a mini-sized machine is means you don’t need a large workspace. Because most modern workstations are somewhat small, so a compact sewing machine may appear to be the better option.
You can even take your mini sewing machine on vacation because micro sewing machines are lighter of 13 pounds weight and easier to transport.
Therefore of its portability, you may take it to a sewing or crafts class that requires you to sew.

Various Capabilities

While Kenmore mini ultra comes with limited functions from other regular-sized sewing machines, but still comes with varying capabilities. Such as tension setting, stitch settings, sewing methods etc.
Despite the small size, the Kenmore mini with LED lights is available to assist you in working in dark spaces or places with little to no natural light.
Moreover, it’s the perfect use for on-spot costume designers.


Apart from basic sewing features, this mini sewing machine offers you several features.
It includes free-hand embroidery capabilities as well as the ability to work with a wide range of textiles. From paper to upholstery to denim, this machine can stitch it all.
Thus, you don’t have to worry about your creative projects or craft works!

If you are considering purchasing this excellent Kenmore Sewing Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of rating and lists of pros-cons.




Frequently Asked Questions About Kenmore Mini Ultra Sewing Machine

1. How to wind the bobbin on a Kenmore sewing machine?

Answer: To wind the bobbin, at first remove the bobbin case. Release the clutch by hand. Then stop moving the needle. After that, draw the thread from the spool and pass the thread between the tension disk. From inside to outside, thread through the bobbin’s hole. Lastly, put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle.

2. Is it Important to oil the machine?

Answer: Yes, of course! your sewing machine requires oil to keep it working smoothly and silently. Internal parts move or spin without friction, so it will last longer and stitch more evenly.

3. What types of needles does this machine require?

Answer: You can use any kind of branded needles but you have to keep in mind the size and shape of the needle. For this, you can see the chart of needle size based on cloth type which is described in the owner’s manual.

4. Is it possible to use Singer needles on a Kenmore sewing machine?

Answer: Definitely, Singer needles are compatible with Kenmore sewing machines, If they’re the correct size and form. But you have to be aware of the correct size and form of your Kenmore mini ultra machine.

5. Can I use an 11 size needle for Heavy fabric?

Answer: Not at all, you can “t use a small size needle to sew heavy fabric. With an 11 size needle, you can sew light fabrics like single knits, jerseys etc. But for heavy fabrics sew, you have to use the needle sizes of 16.

6. How to clean the shuttle area?

Answer: Remove the bobbin casing after raising the needle bar to its highest point. Remove the shuttle race levers. Then Remove the shuttle race cover and extract the shuttle. After that with a lint brush, clean the shuttle race. Apply a drop of oil to the middle pin and then race the shuttle. Don’t use too much oil.

Final Words

In a nutshell, Kenmore mini ultra sewing machine review discloses that you can’t beat this machine at all!
Despite the fact that it comes in a mini size, it works like the domestic one.
If you’re a novice, a mini sewing machine is an excellent start to the world of design and dressmaking.
However, when it comes to upgrading to a large machine, you don’t have to give up your little sewing machine since you may enjoy its portability while working on a project.
Although, Kenmore mini is the perfect partner of your art and crafts or dynamic theater work! And also money-worthy for its incredible features and specifications.
Let’s enjoy sewing with its simple function buttons, and let your creativity flow!

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