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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, the SINGER 3342 Sewing Machine is the best choice of sewing machine for you because of its heavy-duty features.

Do you know how SINGER is renowned for the sewing machine? First, you have to know about the mighty SINGER sewing machine company. 

Singer sewing machines have been a trusted and renowned name in the world of sewing for decades. With a legacy dating back to 1851, Singer has consistently delivered innovative and reliable sewing machines for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Singer machines are known for their user-friendly features, making them an excellent choice for beginners looking to kickstart their sewing journey. These machines often come pre-threaded and offer preset stitch lengths and widths, eliminating the guesswork and streamlining the sewing process, ideal for novices. However, Singer sewing machines are not just for beginners; they are robust and versatile enough to meet the demands of experienced sewers. With features like various stitch applications, easy threading, and durable metal frames, Singer sewing machines are trusted companions for a wide range of sewing projects. Whether you’re crafting garments, quilts, or home decor, or simply mending, a Singer sewing machine is a reliable choice that embodies a rich history of practical design and creative innovation.

SINGER 3342 Sewing Machine comes with different types of features, that help the sewers to do their work very ease. Its  stronger heavy motor will provide you with the higher stitching power in thick canvas.

Below you will find the SINGER 3342 Sewing Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points.

Review of: SINGER 3342 Sewing Machine 


Our Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • 6 Built-in Stitches 
  • 4-Step Buttonhole 
  • Automatic Tension Adjustment
  • Free Arm design 
  • Dual Spool Pins 
  • Quick and Easy Threading 
  • Easy Stitch Selection 
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame 
  • 3 Presser Feet 
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing only 11.5 pounds
  • Bright LED light 
  • Reverse Lever 
  • Suitable for heavy-duty fabrics 
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Thread Cutter 
  • Adjustable Stitch Length and Width
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter 
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding
  • 25-Year Limited Warranty 
  • Compact dimensions of 13 x 7 x 11.5 inc
  • 5mm maximum stitch width
  • Class 15 Bobbin 
  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Straight, Zigzag, Satin, Blind Hem, and Scallop stitches.
  • Fast sewing speed of 350-400 stitches per minute
  • Sewing in reverse 
  • Fixed Stitch Width Control for precision


 This versatile sewing machine boasts a wide range of features, and I am here to describe them in easy-to-understand terms, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced sewers.

32 Built-In Stitches

The Singer 3342 Sewing Machine offers an impressive array of 32 built-in stitches, making it suitable for a multitude of sewing projects. Whether you are stitching garments, crafting home decor items, or creating intricate designs, this machine has the perfect stitch for the task.

Built-In Thread Cutter

One of the key conveniences of this sewing machine is its built-in thread cutter. This feature allows you to swiftly and efficiently cut threads when needed during your sewing tasks. No more searching for scissors or struggling with tangled threads; the Singer 3342 streamlines the sewing process.

Adjustable Stitch Length

With the adjustable stitch length feature, you gain precise control over your sewing projects. Whether you need shorter or longer stitches, this machine simplifies the process. This not only saves time but also enhances the quality of your work.

1-Step Button Holing

Creating buttonholes has never been easier. The Singer 3342 offers a 1-step buttonholing feature, automating the buttonhole-making process. This time-saving function ensures that your buttonholes are consistent and professional in appearance.

Drop-in Bobbin

The drop-in bobbin system in the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine is a game-changer. It not only simplifies the threading process but also ensures that your threads are organized and tangle-free, resulting in smoother and more efficient sewing.

User-Friendly Design

The Singer 3342 is crafted with a user-friendly design that caters to sewers of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress, you’ll find it easy and comfortable to operate. Its intuitive layout and clear instructions make sewing enjoyable.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine is a hassle-free experience. It does not demand complex or time-consuming maintenance procedures. You can focus on your sewing projects without being burdened by constant upkeep.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Your safety is paramount, and the Singer 3342 takes it seriously. This sewing machine has undergone rigorous quality checks, ensuring that it meets the highest safety standards. You can sew with confidence, knowing that this machine is well-built and reliable.

Compact and Lightweight

The Singer 3342’s compact design is perfect for homes with limited space. Even if your living space is small, this sewing machine fits easily. Furthermore, its lightweight build allows you to move it effortlessly without any struggles.

Exceptional Durability

When you invest in the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine, you are making a long-term commitment to your sewing needs. This machine is highly durable, built to withstand the test of time. It will be your reliable companion for countless sewing projects.

Silent Motor

Unlike some sewing machines that can be noisy, the Singer 3342 features a silent motor. Whether you’re sewing in the early morning or late at night, you won’t disturb your household. The quiet motor ensures peaceful sewing at any time of day.

Stylish Design

Not only is the Singer 3342 a powerhouse of functionality, but it also boasts an exceptional and eye-catching design. If you appreciate aesthetics in your workspace, this sewing machine will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

Convenient Automatic Needle Threader

Threading the needle can be a fiddly task, especially for those with less-than-perfect eyesight. The Singer 3342 includes a convenient automatic needle threader, saving you time and frustration. Say goodbye to squinting and straining to thread your needle.

Simple Stitch Selection

The stitch selection process is as easy as turning a dial. The Singer 3342 simplifies the way you choose your desired stitch, ensuring that you can transition between different stitches with ease, giving you the creative freedom you need.

Clear Bobbin Cover

The Singer 3342’s clear bobbin cover is a practical feature. It allows you to monitor your bobbin’s thread supply, ensuring you never run out of thread unexpectedly during a project. You can see at a glance when it’s time to replace the bobbin.

Free Arm

The free arm feature enables you to tackle various sewing tasks, from sewing cuffs on garments to working on sleeves. It provides you with the versatility needed to handle different sewing projects with ease.

Reverse Stitching

Creating secure seams is a breeze with the reverse stitching function. The Singer 3342 allows you to reinforce the beginning and end of your seams by easily sewing in reverse. This ensures that your stitches remain in place.

Snap-On Presser Feet

Changing presser feet is quick and straightforward with the snap-on presser feet feature. This versatility enables you to adapt to different sewing techniques without hassle. From basic sewing to quilting, you have the right foot for the job.

Twin Needle Capability

For those who enjoy decorative stitches and adding a unique touch to their projects, the Singer 3342 offers twin needle capability. This feature allows you to use two needles simultaneously, creating intricate and eye-catching designs.

Adjustable Thread Tension

Achieving the perfect tension for your stitches is essential in sewing. The Singer 3342 lets you adjust the thread tension with ease, ensuring that your stitches are neither too loose nor too tight. This feature contributes to the overall quality of your sewing work.

LED Lighting

A well-lit work area is crucial for precision sewing. The Singer 3342 is equipped with LED lighting that provides bright, consistent illumination. You’ll have no trouble seeing your work clearly, even when working on intricate details.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter

For sewing thicker fabrics or multiple layers, the extra-high presser foot lifter comes to the rescue. It offers the necessary clearance to accommodate various fabric thicknesses, ensuring that you can tackle a wide range of sewing projects.

Automatic Bobbin Winding

Winding bobbins can be a time-consuming task, but the Singer 3342 simplifies it with the automatic bobbin winding feature. It ensures that your bobbins are consistently wound, saving you precious time that you can dedicate to sewing.

Stitch Locking Feature

To secure your stitches and prevent unraveling, the Singer 3342 includes a stitch locking feature. This simple addition reinforces the beginning and end of your seams, maintaining the integrity of your sewing projects.

Stitch Selection Chart

If you’re ever uncertain about which stitch to use for a particular project, the Singer 3342 provides a handy stitch selection chart. This visual guide helps you choose the right stitch for your specific sewing needs, eliminating any guesswork.

Top Drop-in Bobbin System

Threading the bobbin is a breeze with the top drop-in bobbin system. This user-friendly design ensures that you can quickly and easily insert the bobbin, so you can get back to your sewing in no time.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent SINGER 3342 Sewing Machine  , we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons



  • Energy-Efficient: Consumes minimal electricity, suitable for daily use.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-understand mechanisms make it accessible for sewers of all skill levels.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires simple and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Safety: Passed quality checks, ensuring user safety.
  • Space-Efficient: Compact and lightweight, making it suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Durability: Long-lasting sewing machine, providing good value for the price.
  • Quiet Motor: Operates quietly, suitable for sewing at any time of the day.
  • Stylish: Impressive and eye-catching style adds a wow-factor.


  • May struggle with heavy fabrics.
  • Some users find it a bit noisy during operation.
  • Limited speed control options.

Included Accessories

Here is a list of accessories typically included with the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine:

  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • Pack of Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Felt Pad
  • Seam Ripper / Lint Brush
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Screwdriver
  • Spool Pin Felt Discs
  • Spool Pin Cap
  • Edge / Quilting Guide
  • Soft Dust Cover
  • Instruction Manual


Here’s a comparison table of the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine with the Singer 3333 and Singer 4452 sewing machines:

FeatureSinger 3342Singer 3333Singer 4452
Number of Stitches322332
Built-In Thread CutterYesYesNo
Adjustable Stitch LengthYesYesYes
1-Step ButtonholingYesYesYes
Maximum Speed (Stitches per Minute)7507501,100
Drop-in BobbinYesYesYes
Metal FrameNoNoYes
Included Presser Feet544
Recommended UseEveryday sewing and craftingEveryday sewing and craftingHeavy-duty projects
Price RangeBudget-friendlyBudget-friendlyMid-range to high-end


What types of materials can I sew with the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine?

The Singer 3342 is versatile and can handle a variety of materials. You can sew on fabrics such as cotton, denim, silk, wool, and more. It’s suitable for both lightweight and medium-weight materials.

Can beginners use the Singer 3342 Sewing Machine?

Yes, the Singer 3342 is designed to be user-friendly, making it a great choice for beginners. It comes with features like adjustable stitch length and easy threading, which simplifies the sewing process for novices.

What’s the difference between the Singer 3342 and other Singer sewing machines?

The Singer 3342 offers 32 built-in stitches, an adjustable stitch length, 1-step buttonholing, and more. Its features make it suitable for various sewing projects. The differences between sewing machines often involve the number of stitches, included accessories, and intended use.

Is it easy to maintain the Singer 3342?

Yes, the Singer 3342 is relatively easy to maintain. Regular maintenance includes cleaning, oiling, and ensuring the machine is free from lint buildup. Detailed maintenance instructions can typically be found in the user manual that comes with the machine.

Can I use the Singer 3342 for quilting?

While the Singer 3342 is versatile and can handle many sewing tasks, including quilting, it’s not specifically designed as a quilting machine. Quilters may prefer machines with additional quilting-specific features, such as a wider throat space and quilting accessories.

Can I purchase additional presser feet for the Singer 3342?

Yes, additional presser feet are often available for purchase separately. Singer and various third-party manufacturers offer a range of presser feet to expand your sewing capabilities.

What kind of maintenance is required for the Singer 3342?

Routine maintenance for the Singer 3342 includes cleaning the machine, changing needles, and oiling specific points. It’s important to follow the maintenance guidelines provided in the user manual to keep the machine running smoothly.

Does the Singer 3342 have a free arm?

Yes, the Singer 3342 features a free arm, which is a handy feature for sewing cuffs, collars, and other cylindrical or small pieces of fabric.

Where can I find sewing tutorials or support for the Singer 3342?

You can find sewing tutorials, tips, and support for the Singer 3342 on Singer’s official website, sewing forums, and various online sewing communities. Many experienced sewers share their knowledge and expertise to help others get the most out of their sewing machines.


The Singer 3342 is a compact and lightweight machine, making it suitable for users with limited space. Its durability ensures that it will serve you well over an extended period.

However, it’s essential to note that this sewing machine may have limitations when working with extremely thick fabrics. It’s best suited for lightweight to medium-weight materials.

With its exceptional style and a design that complements your creative workspace, the Singer 3342 adds a touch of elegance to your sewing area.

In summary, if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile sewing machine that’s suitable for a variety of projects and skill levels, the Singer 3342 is a solid choice. It combines style with functionality, promising you a satisfying sewing experience. Don’t hesitate to consider this machine for your sewing needs.

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