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Janome S5/ Janome Skyline S5 Computerized  Sewing Machine: Janome is a well-respected and renowned brand in the world of sewing machines. The company has a rich history of producing high-quality sewing machines that cater to a wide range of sewing enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced professionals. Here’s an introduction to Janome sewing machines:

1. Legacy of Excellence: Janome has been a prominent name in the sewing machine industry for over a century. With a history dating back to 1921, Janome has consistently provided innovative and reliable sewing machines to meet the evolving needs of sewers.

2. Diverse Product Range: Janome offers a diverse range of sewing machines, from mechanical and computerized models to quilting and embroidery machines. They have sewing machines tailored to various sewing styles, including basic sewing, quilting, embroidery, and more.

3. User-Friendly Design: Janome sewing machines are known for their user-friendly design. They aim to create machines that inspire creativity while being easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an experienced sewist tackling intricate projects, Janome machines are designed for intuitive ease of operation.

4. Innovative Features: Janome is dedicated to incorporating innovative features into their sewing machines. These features may include easy threading systems, one-step buttonholes, adjustable stitch settings, needle threaders, and more, making sewing tasks more efficient.

5. Quality and Durability of Janome Sewing Machine

Janome Sewing Machine is recognized for its commitment to quality and durability. Their machines often feature sturdy construction, ensuring they stand the test of time and handle a wide variety of fabrics and projects. Janome S5/ Janome Skyline 5 Computerized  Sewing Machine comes with different types of features, that help the sewers to do their work very ease. Its  stronger heavy motor will provide you with the higher stitching power in thick canvas.

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Below you will find the Janome S5/ Janome Skyline S5 Computerized  Sewing Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad point

Review of: Janome S5/ Janome Skyline S5 Computerized  Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • Heavy metal frame for stability.
  • 25-year limited warranty for peace of mind.
  • Up to 1000 stitches per minute speed for efficient sewing.
  • 170 built-in stitches for versatile options.
  • 91 needle positions for precision.
  • Maximum 9mm stitch width for decorative stitches.
  • 6 ultra-bright LED lights for well-lit workspaces.
  • Auto tension system for consistent stitching.
  • Backlit digital LCD screen for easy navigation.
  • Advanced start/stop button for control.
  • Automatic thread cutter for convenience.
  • Easy reverse button for backstitching.
  • Locking stitch button for secure seams.
  • Memorized needle up/down for precision.
  • One-step plate converter for easy adjustments.
  • Superior Plus Feed System with 7-piece feed dog.
  • Compatibility with specified accessories.
  • Horizontal rotary hook for reliable performance.
  • High shank model without AcuFeed compatibility.
  • Large, spacious bed for larger projects.
  • Start/stop button for sewing without foot control.
  • Up to 35 different buttonholes.
  • Snap-on presser feet for easy changes.
  • Maximum stitch length of 5mm.
  • 6-point feed dog height adjustment.
  • Extra-high presser foot lift for thick fabrics.
  • Speed control slider for varying sewing speeds.
  • Adjustable foot pressure for different fabrics.
  • Top-loading full rotary hook bobbin system.
  • Extra-wide extension table for added workspace.
  • Free arm capability for cylindrical projects.
  • Drop feed for free-motion quilting.
  • Needle threader for easy threading.
  • Twin needle capability for decorative stitching.
  • Clear bobbin cover for easy monitoring.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent Janome S5/ Janome Skyline S5 Computerized  Sewing Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons



  • Versatile Stitching Options: With 170 built-in stitches, the Janome Skyline S5 offers a wide range of options, allowing users to tackle various sewing projects with creativity.

  • High Precision: Featuring 91 needle positions and a maximum 9mm stitch width, the machine provides excellent precision, making it suitable for intricate and detailed work.

  • Convenient Features: The inclusion of an automatic thread cutter, memorized needle up/down, and a superior plus feed system with 7-piece feed dog enhances convenience, saving time and simplifying the sewing process.

  • Well-Illuminated Workspace: The six ultra-bright LED lights ensure a well-lit work area, reducing eye strain and providing optimal visibility, even when working on intricate details.

  • Sturdy Construction: The heavy metal frame contributes to the machine’s stability, providing a durable and robust platform for sewing, ensuring longevity.


  • Learning Curve: Given the multitude of features, there might be a learning curve for beginners to fully grasp and utilize all functionalities effectively.

  • Price: High-end features often come with a higher price tag, making this machine an investment that may be on the costlier side for some users.

  • Weight: The heavy metal frame that contributes to stability can also make the machine relatively heavy, which might be a consideration for those who need a more portable option.

Welcome to the detailed exploration of the Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine—a powerhouse of features designed to elevate your sewing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting on your sewing journey, the Skyline S5 promises innovation, convenience, and versatility. With a heavy metal frame for stability, a plethora of stitches, and advanced technological features, this sewing machine is sure to become your trusted companion in creating beautiful projects. Let’s delve into the extensive list of features that make the Janome Skyline S5 stand out.

Heavy Metal Frame

The Janome Skyline S5 boasts a sturdy heavy metal frame that forms the foundation of its durability and stability. This robust construction ensures that the machine remains steady, even when working on large or heavy projects. The heavy metal frame is the backbone that supports the precision and reliability of this sewing companion.

25-Year Limited Warranty

To provide you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment, the Janome Skyline S5 comes with a generous 25-year limited warranty. This warranty reflects Janome’s commitment to the quality and longevity of their product, assuring you that your sewing machine is built to last and backed by a reputable warranty for decades to come.

 Up to 1000 SPM (Stitches Per Minute) Speed

Efficiency meets speed with the Janome Skyline S5’s impressive sewing speed of up to 1000 stitches per minute. This feature allows you to complete your projects faster, making it ideal for both large-scale productions and time-sensitive creations. The high stitching speed is a testament to the machine’s capability and productivity.

170 Built-In Stitches

One of the standout features of the Skyline S5 is its extensive collection of 170 built-in stitches. From basic stitches to intricate decorative patterns, this machine offers a diverse range of options to cater to every sewing need. Whether you’re quilting, crafting, or creating garments, the abundance of stitches empowers you with creative freedom.

91 Needle Positions

Precision takes center stage with the Janome Skyline S5’s 91 needle positions. This feature allows you to finely adjust the placement of each stitch, catering to the demands of detailed and complex sewing projects. The abundance of needle positions ensures that your stitching is accurate and aligns perfectly with your creative vision.

Maximum 9mm Stitch Width

For those who appreciate the artistry of decorative stitching, the Janome Skyline S5 offers a maximum stitch width of 9mm. This generous width opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique and visually appealing designs. The ability to produce broader stitches enhances the machine’s versatility in accommodating various sewing styles.

6 Ultra-Bright LED Lights

Illuminate your workspace with the brilliance of six ultra-bright LED lights. These lights are strategically placed to provide optimal visibility, reducing eye strain and ensuring that every detail of your project is clear and well-defined. The well-lit work area enhances your sewing precision, especially when working on intricate designs.

Auto Tension System

Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting thread tension manually. The Janome Skyline S5 features an automatic tension system that intelligently manages thread tension for you. This ensures consistent and balanced stitching across different fabrics, allowing you to focus on your creativity without the need for constant adjustments.

Backlit Digital LCD Screen

Navigate through the machine’s features effortlessly with the backlit digital LCD screen. The user-friendly interface provides a clear display of selected stitches, settings, and other functions. The backlighting enhances visibility, making it easy to operate the machine, even in various lighting conditions.

Advanced Start/Stop Button

Experience hands-free sewing with the advanced start/stop button. This feature allows you to control the sewing process without using the foot pedal. Whether you’re working on long seams or need a quick mending solution, the start/stop button adds a layer of convenience to your sewing experience.

Automatic Thread Cutter

Save time and streamline your sewing workflow with the automatic thread cutter. This handy feature snips the thread automatically at the end of a seam or during a thread change. Eliminating the need for manual trimming, the automatic thread cutter enhances efficiency and keeps your workspace tidy.

Easy Reverse Button

Enhance the durability of your seams effortlessly with the easy reverse button. This feature allows you to backstitch with ease, securing your stitches and preventing unraveling. The convenient placement of the reverse button ensures quick and seamless transitions between forward and reverse stitching.

Locking Stitch Button

Achieve professional-looking finishes with the locking stitch button. This feature ties off the end of the thread, eliminating the need for backstitching. Ideal for delicate fabrics or when using decorative stitches, the locking stitch button adds a polished touch to your sewing projects.

Memorized Needle Up/Down

Enjoy enhanced control over your sewing with the memorized needle up/down feature. Set whether the needle stops in the up or down position to suit your sewing technique. This level of customization provides flexibility, especially when working on intricate patterns or pivoting fabric.

One-Step Plate Converter

Effortlessly switch between different sewing techniques with the one-step plate converter. This feature simplifies the process of changing the needle plate, ensuring smooth transitions between projects that require varied stitch plate configurations.

Superior Plus Feed System – 7 Piece Feed Dog

Experience even and consistent fabric feeding with the Superior Plus Feed System. Featuring a 7-piece feed dog, this system ensures that even the thickest and multi-layered projects move under the needle with precision and ease. The superior feed system contributes to the machine’s overall reliability.

Large, Spacious Bed

Tackle larger quilting and home decor projects with ease, thanks to the large and spacious bed of the Janome Skyline S5. This feature provides ample room for maneuvering fabrics, making it ideal for projects that demand more space and precision.

Start/Stop Button

Located conveniently by the needle, the start/stop button offers an alternative to traditional foot control. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer or need to sew without using the foot pedal, enhancing the flexibility of your sewing experience.

Up to 35 Different Buttonholes

Diversify your buttonhole options with the Janome Skyline S5, offering up to 35 different buttonhole styles. This extensive range ensures that you can match the buttonhole to the garment or project’s specific requirements, adding a professional touch to your creations.

Snap-On Presser Feet

Experience quick and easy presser foot changes with the snap-on presser feet feature. This design eliminates the need for screws or tools, making it effortless to switch between different presser feet based on your sewing needs.

 Maximum Stitch Length of 5mm

Achieve your desired stitch lengths with a maximum of 5mm. While this may be considered a limitation for those requiring longer stitches, the Janome Skyline S5’s overall versatility and features compensate for this specific parameter.

Point Feed Dog Height Adjustment

Tailor the feed dog height to suit different fabrics and sewing techniques with the 6-point feed dog height adjustment. This level of customization ensures optimal fabric feeding, regardless of the thickness or texture of the material being used.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

Navigate easily through thick fabrics or multiple layers with the extra-high presser foot lift. This feature provides the necessary clearance for bulky materials, allowing you to sew comfortably without compromising stitch quality.

Speed Control Slider

Adjust your sewing speed to match your comfort level or the demands of the project with the speed control slider. This feature provides flexibility, especially when working on intricate details that require a slower pace or when tackling larger projects that benefit from increased speed.

Adjustable Foot Pressure

Customize the foot pressure to accommodate different fabrics with the adjustable foot pressure feature. This allows you to achieve optimal stitching results on a variety of materials, ensuring consistent and professional-looking seams.

Top-Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin System

Enjoy easy bobbin changes and monitoring with the top-loading full rotary hook bobbin system. This design simplifies the process of inserting and replacing bobbins, contributing to a smooth and uninterrupted sewing experience.

Extra-Wide Extension Table

Expand your workspace with the extra-wide extension table. This feature is particularly beneficial when working on large projects that require additional support and surface area. The extension table enhances comfort and control during quilting or other expansive tasks.

Free Arm Capability

Experience the flexibility of free arm sewing with the Janome Skyline S5. This feature allows you to access hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for sewing cylindrical projects such as sleeves, cuffs, and other circular items.

Drop Feed

Unleash your creativity with free-motion quilting using the drop feed feature. This functionality allows you to move the fabric freely in any direction, enabling you to create intricate and personalized quilting designs with ease.

Needle Threader

Simplify the threading process with the built-in needle threader. Thread the machine up to the needle, and let the needle threader take over, effortlessly guiding the thread through the eye of the needle with a simple and quick mechanism.

Twin Needle Capability

Expand your decorative stitching options with the twin needle capability. This feature allows you to create parallel rows of stitches simultaneously, adding a professional and decorative touch to your sewing projects.

Clear Bobbin Cover

Monitor your bobbin thread supply easily with the clear bobbin cover. This transparent cover provides a visual cue, allowing you to check the thread level without interrupting your sewing flow, ensuring uninterrupted stitching.



FeatureJanome Skyline S5Janome HD3000Janome Skyline S3
Built-in Stitches17018120
Maximum Stitch Width9mm6.5mm9mm
Buttonhole Styles1017
Needle Positions91Multiple71
Speed (Stitches Per Minute)Up to 1000860820
Feed SystemSuperior Plus Feed System (7-Piece Feed Dog)7-Piece Feed DogSuperior Feed System (7-Piece Feed Dog)
FrameHeavy MetalHeavy-Duty AluminumHeavy Metal
LCD ScreenBacklit Digital LCD ScreenNo LCD ScreenBacklit Digital LCD Screen
Drop FeedYesYesYes
Free ArmYesYesYes
Included AccessoriesExtensive set including various presser feetLimited setExtensive set including various presser feet
Machine WeightApproximately 26.5 lbsApproximately 18.7 lbsApproximately 22.9 lbs
WarrantyLimited 25-year warrantyLimited 25-year warrantyLimited 25-year warranty


Is the Janome Skyline S5 suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Janome Skyline S5 is designed to cater to a wide range of users, including beginners. Its user-friendly design and intuitive controls make it accessible for those just starting their sewing journey.

What types of projects can I tackle with the Janome Skyline S5?

The Janome Skyline S5 is versatile and well-suited for various projects, including garment sewing, quilting, home decor, and crafting. Its extensive stitch options and features make it adaptable to different creative endeavors.

How durable is the Janome Skyline S5?

Built with a heavy metal frame, the Janome Skyline S5 is known for its durability. The robust construction ensures stability during sewing and contributes to the overall longevity of the machine.

Can the Janome Skyline S5 handle thick fabrics?

Yes, the Janome Skyline S5 is equipped to handle a variety of fabrics, including thicker materials. Its extra-high presser foot lift and adjustable foot pressure contribute to its ability to sew through multiple layers with ease.

Is the Janome Skyline S5 suitable for professional use?

While designed to meet the needs of sewing enthusiasts at all levels, the Janome Skyline S5’s advanced features and durability make it a suitable choice for those engaged in professional or production-level sewing.

Does the Janome Skyline S5 require regular maintenance?

Like any sewing machine, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance. This includes cleaning, oiling, and following the maintenance guidelines outlined in the machine’s manual.

How easy is it to find replacement parts for the Janome Skyline S5?

Replacement parts for the Janome Skyline S5 are generally available through authorized Janome dealers, making it relatively convenient to obtain any necessary components for maintenance or repairs.

Can the Janome Skyline S5 handle embroidery?

No, the Janome Skyline S5 is primarily a sewing machine and does not have built-in embroidery features. If embroidery is a priority, Janome offers dedicated embroidery machines with specialized functionalities.

Is the Janome Skyline S5 suitable for travel or sewing classes?

While the Janome Skyline S5 is not specifically designed as a portable machine, its weight and size make it manageable for travel or sewing classes. Consider a carrying case for added convenience during transportation.


The Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine is a remarkable fusion of innovation, convenience, and versatility. With its heavy metal frame, extensive stitch options, and advanced features, it caters to both the needs of seasoned sewers and those just embarking on their creative journey. The user-friendly design, coupled with a 25-year limited warranty, positions the Skyline S5 as a reliable and enduring companion for all your sewing endeavors. Explore the vast possibilities this machine offers and watch as your sewing projects soar to new heights.

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