Bernette 38 Review: Computerized Sewing Machine

Bernette 38 is a sewing enthusiast’s dream, a computerized marvel crafted to elevate your stitching experience. Seamlessly blending innovation and functionality, it embodies versatility and precision in every stitch. This review aims to dissect the intricacies of the Bernette 38, providing insight into its features, performance, and appeal across skill levels.

At its core, the Bernette 38 is more than a sewing machine—it’s a creative toolbox. Boasting an extensive array of 394 stitches, this machine caters to diverse sewing needs, from basic stitching to intricate embellishments and quilting. Its ability to effortlessly handle various fabrics, from delicate silk to tough denim, marks it as a versatile companion for any sewing project.

The purpose of this review is to serve as a guiding beacon for prospective buyers and sewing enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive understanding of the Bernette 38. By delving into its features, functionalities, and user experiences, this exploration aims to assist in making an informed decision.

Why choose a computerized sewing machine like the Bernette 38?

The answer lies in the blend of technology and craftsmanship. Computerization offers a spectrum of advantages—precise stitching, programmable patterns, ease of use for beginners, and advanced functionalities for seasoned users. The Bernette 38 embodies this fusion, providing a user-friendly interface coupled with sophisticated capabilities, making it an appealing choice for those seeking efficiency without compromising on creativity or control.

In this digital age, where precision meets convenience, the Bernette 38 emerges as a reliable ally for sewing enthusiasts, artists, and creators. This review endeavors to unravel its essence, guiding you through its features and strengths, to empower your sewing journey with this remarkable computerized sewing machine.

  1. Variety of Models: Bernette offers a range of sewing machines, from basic mechanical models to more advanced computerized versions. These machines cater to different skill levels and sewing needs.

  2. User-Friendly Design: Bernette machines are designed to be approachable for beginners while still offering features that appeal to more experienced users. Clear interfaces and intuitive controls make them easy to operate.

  3. Features: Depending on the model, Bernette machines come with a variety of features such as different stitch options (including decorative and utility stitches), automatic buttonholes, adjustable speed control, and some even offer programmable stitching.

  4. Versatility: Bernette machines are capable of handling various fabrics, allowing users to work on a wide range of projects from simple alterations to more intricate creations.

  5. Affordability: While offering a good set of features and functionalities, Bernette sewing machines are often priced more affordably compared to some high-end brands, making them accessible to many sewing enthusiasts.

  6. Reliability: Bernette machines are known for their reliability and durability. They’re built to withstand regular use and offer consistent performance over time.

  7. Warranty and Support: Typically, Bernette provides a warranty for their machines, ensuring customers have coverage for potential issues. Additionally, they often offer customer support and resources to assist users with their machines.

Product Overview: At a Glance

Review of: Bernette 38 Computerized Sewing Machine


Our overall rating of 4.7 out of 5

Why is it Best?

  • Extensive stitch options for versatile projects.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experts.
  • Capability to handle various fabric types effortlessly.
  • Automatic thread cutter for convenience.
  • Customizable stitching options for creative freedom.
  • Inclusion of multiple accessories for diverse needs.
  • Intuitive navigation and clear LCD display.
  • Adjustable sewing speed for precision and control.
  • Relatively easy maintenance requirements.
  • Typically backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and support.

Ready to elevate your sewing experience? With its unmatched versatility, user-friendly design, and array of features, the Bernette 38 stands as a testament to precision and creativity in the world of sewing. Take the next step towards seamless stitching and boundless creativity—explore the Bernette 38 today and unlock a world of possibilities for your craft.

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Features of the Bernette 38 Sewing Machine

394 Built-in Stitches

The Bernette 38 boasts an extensive selection of 394 built-in stitches, encompassing utility stitches, decorative stitches, quilting stitches, and a variety of buttonhole styles. This wide array caters to diverse sewing needs, allowing for creative embellishments and precise functional stitches.

Automatic Thread Cutter

This feature simplifies the sewing process by automatically cutting both the upper and lower threads at the end of a seam or at the push of a button. It saves time and effort, promoting efficiency during sewing projects.

LCD Display

The machine is equipped with a clear and intuitive LCD display, providing easy access to stitch settings, modes, and other functions. This display ensures convenient navigation and monitoring of selected stitches.

Adjustable Sewing Speed

With adjustable speed control, users can set the sewing pace according to their comfort and the intricacy of the project. This feature allows for greater precision and control while sewing.

Customizable Stitching Options

The Bernette 38 offers programmable features, enabling users to create and save their own stitch patterns or combinations. This functionality enhances creative freedom and allows for personalized projects.

Wide Range of Compatible Accessories

It comes with a variety of presser feet and accessories catering to different sewing techniques and tasks, expanding the machine’s versatility for various projects.

Versatility in Handling Various Fabrics

From delicate silks to heavy denims, the Bernette 38 showcases its capability to handle a wide range of fabrics, ensuring consistent and high-quality stitching on different materials.

User-friendly Interface

The machine’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, offering easy-to-navigate controls and clear labeling for a seamless sewing experience.

Built-in Needle Threader

A convenient feature that simplifies threading, saving time and reducing eye strain while preparing for sewing.

One-step Buttonhole Function

The Bernette 38 simplifies buttonhole creation with a one-step process, ensuring consistent and precise buttonholes effortlessly.

Stitch Memory Function

This feature allows users to save and recall frequently used stitch settings, enabling them to resume projects without the need to reset stitch parameters, ensuring consistency in repetitive tasks.

Free Arm Capability

The machine is designed with a removable accessory compartment, converting it into a free arm. This feature facilitates sewing cylindrical items like sleeves, cuffs, or trouser legs with ease.

LED Lighting

The Bernette 38 is equipped with bright LED lights that illuminate the sewing area, ensuring clear visibility and reducing eye strain even during extended sewing sessions.

Stitch Width and Length Adjustment

Users have the flexibility to adjust the stitch width and length according to their preferences and specific project requirements, enhancing customization options.

Start/Stop Button for Sewing without Foot Control

This feature allows users to sew without the foot pedal, providing an alternative method for initiating and controlling the sewing process, ideal for those who prefer or require hands-free operation.

Drop Feed Dogs

With the ability to drop the feed dogs, users can engage in free-motion quilting or embroidery, offering creative freedom by controlling the fabric movement in multiple directions.

Twin Needle Capability

The machine accommodates twin needles, enabling users to create parallel rows of stitching or decorative effects, expanding design possibilities for various projects.

Thread Tension Control

The Bernette 38 offers adjustable thread tension, allowing users to fine-tune the tension for different types of stitches and fabrics, ensuring optimal stitch quality.

Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment


Users can adjust the presser foot pressure to suit different fabric thicknesses, ensuring smooth and consistent feeding for various materials.

Built-in Threader for Bobbin

This feature simplifies the threading of the bobbin, making the process more efficient and hassle-free, ensuring seamless operation during sewing tasks.

Unboxing Gift with the Bernette 38 Sewing Machine

  1. Packaging: The Bernette 38 typically comes in a sturdy and well-packaged box to ensure the machine’s safety during transit. Expect protective materials like foam or cardboard inserts to secure the components inside.

  2. Machine: Upon opening, you’ll find the Bernette 38 itself, securely nestled within the packaging. It might be wrapped in plastic or other protective coverings to prevent scratches or damage.

  3. Accessories: Beneath or alongside the machine, you’ll discover an assortment of accessories. These could include various presser feet (such as buttonhole, zipper, or overlock feet), bobbins, a seam ripper, a quilting guide, a needle set, and other tools specific to the Bernette 38 model.

  4. Instruction Manual: You’ll likely find an instruction manual or user guide providing detailed information about setting up the machine, its features, functionalities, and maintenance guidelines. This manual is essential for getting started with the Bernette 38.

  5. Power Cord and Foot Pedal: Expect to find the power cord for connecting the machine to a power source and a foot pedal for controlling the sewing speed.

  6. Additional Components: Depending on the retailer or package, there might be additional bonuses or promotional items included as part of the purchase, such as sewing kits, extra needles, or warranty information.

If you are considering purchasing this excellent Bernette 38 Sewing Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of rating and lists of pros-cons.



  • The extensive stitch selection, boasting 394 stitches, caters to diverse sewing needs.
  • Effortlessly handles various fabrics, from delicate silks to heavy denims and beyond.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation for easy operation.
  • Automatic thread cutter streamlines the sewing process, saving time and effort.
  • Customizable stitching options offer creative freedom for personalized projects.
  • Adjustable sewing speed allows for precision control based on project requirements.
  • Versatile accessories included, enhancing the machine’s functionality for different tasks.
  • Consistent and high-quality stitch output, ensuring professional-looking results.
  • Robust build quality and durability, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Quiet operation, making it suitable for extended sewing sessions without disruption.
  • Bright and clear LCD display for easy monitoring of settings and stitches.
  • Compatibility with various presser feet and accessories expands its versatility further.


  • Limited built-in memory for storing custom stitch patterns might restrict advanced users’ options.
  • Higher initial investment compared to entry-level sewing machines, albeit justifiable considering its features and capabilities.

Comparison between Bernette 38, Bernette 77 and Bernette 340 Sewing Machine

FeatureBernette 38Bernette 77Bernette 340
Stitch Options394500650
Automatic Thread CutterYesYesNo
Buttonhole Styles81012
Built-in StitchesUtility, DecorativeUtility, DecorativeUtility, Decorative, Quilting
Adjustable SpeedYesYesYes
LCD DisplayColorMonochromeColor
Accessories Included10 presser feet12 presser feet15 presser feet
Warranty2 years3 years1 year

Frequently Asked Questions About Bernette 38 Sewing Machine

What types of stitches does the Bernette 38 offer?

Answer: The Bernette 38 offers a versatile selection of 394 stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, quilting stitches, and buttonhole styles. This wide range empowers users to explore various creative possibilities for their sewing projects.

Is the Bernette 38 suitable for beginners or more experienced sewers?

Answer: Both beginners and experienced sewers can benefit from the Bernette 38. Its user-friendly interface caters to beginners, while the advanced features, such as customizable stitching and automation, appeal to seasoned users seeking more intricate functionalities.

Can the Bernette 38 handle different types of fabrics?

Answer:Yes, the Bernette 38 is designed to handle diverse fabric types, from delicate silks to thicker fabrics like denim or upholstery materials. Its adjustable presser foot pressure and wide range of stitches allow for seamless sewing on various fabrics.

Does the machine have an automatic thread cutter feature?

Answer: Yes, the Bernette 38 includes an automatic thread cutter. This feature streamlines the sewing process by cutting both the upper and lower threads at the end of a seam or at the touch of a button.

Are there any programmable or customizable stitching options?

Answer: The Bernette 38 offers programmable features, allowing users to create and save their own stitch patterns or combinations. This capability enhances creativity and enables users to personalize their sewing projects.

What accessories come with the Bernette 38?

Answer: The Bernette 38 comes with a range of accessories, including different presser feet for various purposes (like button sewing, zipper insertion, etc.), a quilting guide, bobbins, a seam ripper, and a needle set, providing versatility for different projects.

How user-friendly is the interface and navigation on this machine?

Answer: The Bernette 38 features an intuitive LCD display and straightforward navigation controls, making it user-friendly for sewers of all levels. The clear interface and easily accessible functions simplify the sewing process.

Does the Bernette 38 have adjustable speed control?

Answer: Yes, the Bernette 38 offers adjustable speed control, allowing users to set the sewing speed according to their comfort and the intricacy of the project. This feature ensures precision and control while sewing.

What kind of maintenance does this sewing machine require?

Answer: Regular maintenance includes cleaning the machine after use, oiling it as per the manual’s instructions, and ensuring the bobbin area is free from lint and debris. Following these guidelines helps maintain optimal performance.

Is there a warranty and customer support available for the Bernette 38?

Answer: The Bernette 38 typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, usually covering defects in materials or workmanship. Additionally, customers can access support through the manufacturer’s customer service channels for any inquiries or assistance needed.

Final Words

The Bernette 38, a pinnacle of sewing innovation, emerges as a versatile and user-friendly computerized sewing machine. Throughout this review, its prowess in handling an impressive array of 394 stitches, accommodating diverse fabrics, and offering intuitive functionalities has shone brightly. Seamstresses, whether novices or seasoned crafters, can revel in its seamless operation and advanced features. From its automatic thread cutter to customizable stitching options, the Bernette 38 doesn’t just streamline the sewing process—it elevates it.

In the digital landscape of modern sewing, the Bernette 38 stands as a beacon of precision and creativity. Its fusion of technology and craftsmanship isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about empowering users to bring their unique visions to life. This machine isn’t merely a tool; it’s an extension of artistic expression. With its reliability, extensive features, and user-centric design, the Bernette 38 embodies the evolution of sewing technology, promising a journey of boundless creativity and immaculate stitching for anyone passionate about the art of sewing.

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