Janome Jem Gold 660 Review in details

The Janome Jem Gold 660 stands out for compact portability and advanced features in the world of sewing machines. Weighing a mere 12 pounds, this 3/4-size marvel packs a punch with its reliable components, ensuring a smooth and jam-proof sewing experience. Its horizontal full rotary hook and fail-safe needle insertion contribute to the machine’s durability and precision. The Jem Gold 660 is not just about functionality; it’s designed with the user in mind. With a built-in needle threader, one-hand thread cutter, and quick foot conversion, convenience is at the forefront of its design. Boasting 8 stitches, including 2 stretch stitches and a built-in buttonhole, this machine is a versatile companion for both novice sewists and those looking for a portable quilting solution for classes. Experience the standard Janome quality and craftsmanship in the compact brilliance of the Jem Gold 660.Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing and Quilting Machine

About Janome

Janome, a renowned name in the realm of sewing and quilting, has been a trusted companion for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Janome Sewing and Quilting machines embody a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, making every stitch a masterpiece. 

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Below you will find the Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing and Quilting Machine hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points

Review of: Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Our Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Why is it Better?

  • Heavy metal frame for stability.
  • Weighs 14.85 pounds.
  • Compact dimensions of 16.5 x 9.2 x 13 inches.
  • 8 built-in stitches, including 2 stretch stitches and utility stitches.
  • 4-step buttonhole capability.
  • Easy stitch selection with a side dial.
  • 3/4 sewing machine – extremely compact and lightweight.
  • Built-in automatic needle threader for effortless threading.
  • Free arm feature for sewing pants, cuffs, and collars.
  • Jam-proof drop-in bobbin system.
  • Magnetic type horizontal full rotary hook for precise stitches.
  • One-hand thread cutter for quick trimming.
  • Quick foot conversion with a red button.
  • Extension table for additional workspace.
  • Full rotary pattern selector dial.
  • Presser foot lifter for easy up-and-down movement.
  • 9 stitches, including buttonhole.
  • Maximum zigzag width of 5mm.
  • Maximum stitch length of 4mm.
  • Automatic declutch bobbin winder.
  • Slit thread take-up lever for smooth thread handling.
  • Horizontal spool pin for stable thread feed.
  • Built-in lamp for better visibility.
  • Foot controller and power switch for control.
  • Skeleton body construction for durability.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent Janome Jem Gold 660 Sewing and Quilting Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons



  • Compact and Lightweight: Ideal for portability and easy storage.
  • Versatile Stitch Options: 8 built-in stitches, including 2 stretch stitches and utility stitches.
  • Automatic Needle Threader: Simplifies the threading process, reducing eye strain.
  • Free Arm Feature: Convenient for sewing pants, cuffs, and collars.
  • Jam-Proof Drop-in Bobbin System: Ensures smooth and hassle-free sewing.
  • Magnetic Type Horizontal Full Rotary Hook: Provides precise stitches on various fabrics.
  • Quick Foot Conversion: Easy attachment and removal of presser feet.


  • Limited Stitch Variety: Only 8 built-in stitches may be insufficient for advanced or specialized projects.
  • Manual Buttonhole Process: The 4-step buttonhole requires multiple steps, which can be less convenient than one-step buttonhole systems.

Built-In Needle Threader

Say goodbye to the hassle of threading needles manually. The Janome Jem Gold 660 comes equipped with a built-in needle threader, a revolutionary feature that simplifies the threading process. By just placing the thread across the threader, the machine effortlessly pulls it through the needle, relieving your eyes from strain.

Magnetic Type Horizontal Full Rotary Hook

Ensuring precise stitches on various fabric types, the jam-proof, magnetic, top-loading, full rotary hook system is a standout feature. Bobbins are easily inserted, and the transparent cover allows you to monitor your thread supply.

One-Hand Thread Cutter

No need for scissors! The Janome Jem Gold 660 incorporates a one-hand thread cutter, allowing you to swiftly trim thread tails in a single, seamless motion.

Quick Foot Conversion

Switching presser feet has never been easier. With the quick foot conversion feature, a simple press of the red button allows you to remove and attach feet effortlessly. This enhances your sewing efficiency, especially when working on various projects that require different presser feet.

Extension Table & Free Arm

Providing additional workspace, the extension table is a boon for larger projects. The free arm feature, revealed when the table is detached, makes sewing cylindrical items like sleeves and pant legs a breeze.

Full Rotary Pattern Selector Dial

Navigating through stitches is a joy with the full rotary pattern selector dial. This feature offers an array of stitch options, including buttonhole stitch, straight stitch, and zigzag stitch patterns.

Presser Foot Lifter

Located for optimal accessibility, the presser foot lifter allows smooth movement of the presser foot, ensuring easy fabric handling.

Concealed Tension Dial

Threading is made simple with the concealed tension dial. Fingertip control over tension adds to the ease of use, allowing you to achieve the perfect stitch every time.

Fail-Safe Device of Needle Insertion

Never worry about incorrect needle insertion. The fail-safe device ensures the correct placement of the needle, providing peace of mind during your sewing endeavors.

Reverse Stitch Lever

Effortless reverse stitching is at your fingertips with the dedicated reverse stitch lever. This feature adds versatility to your sewing projects.

Snap-on Presser Foot

The Janome Jem Gold 660 simplifies presser foot attachment and removal with the snap-on presser foot feature, contributing to a smooth and efficient sewing experience.

Thread Cutter

Enjoy the convenience of a built-in thread cutter, eliminating the need for additional tools when trimming thread tails.

9 Stitches Including Buttonhole

Versatility is key, and with nine stitches, including a 4-step buttonhole, the Janome Jem Gold 660 caters to a wide range of sewing needs.

4-Step Buttonhole

Create professional-looking buttonholes effortlessly with the 4-step buttonhole feature, adding a polished finish to your garments.

Maximum Zigzag Width: 5mm, Maximum Stitch Length: 4mm

Customize your stitches with adjustable settings for maximum zigzag width and stitch length, allowing you to achieve the desired look for each project.

Magnetic Type Full Rotary Hook

The full rotary hook system ensures smooth and precise stitching, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of the Janome Jem Gold 660.

Free Arm

The free arm feature is a game-changer when it comes to sewing cylindrical items. Whether you’re working on sleeves or pant legs, this feature enhances your sewing capabilities.

Lay-in Thread Tension Control

Thread tension is a crucial aspect of sewing, and the lay-in thread tension control of the Janome Jem Gold 660 provides easy adjustment for optimal stitch quality.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

Handle thick fabrics or multiple layers with ease, thanks to the extra-high presser foot lift feature.

Marking on Needle Plate (Inches and Metric)

Precision is key, and the marking on the needle plate in both inches and metric units allows for accurate seam allowances and measurements.

Automatic Declutch Bobbin Winder

Simplify the bobbin winding process with the automatic declutch bobbin winder, ensuring smooth and even winding for consistent stitching.

Slit Thread Take Up Lever

The slit thread take up lever enhances thread handling, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of the Janome Jem Gold 660.

Horizontal Spool Pin

Ensure a stable thread feed during sewing with the horizontal spool pin, adding to the overall reliability of the machine.


Illuminate your workspace with the built-in lamp, providing better visibility for intricate sewing tasks.

Foot Controller, Power Switch, Skeleton Body Construction

Standard features such as the foot controller and power switch, combined with the skeleton body construction, make operating the Janome Jem Gold 660 a user-friendly and durable experience.

Standard Accessories

  • Set of Needles
  • Bobbins (3)
  • Overedge Foot C
  • Transparent Buttonhole Foot B
  • Zig-Zag Foot A
  • Spool Holder (L, S)
  • Seam Ripper
  • Screwdriver


FeatureJem Gold 660FM-725Sewist 725S8077
Hook TypeTop Loading Full Rotary HookNot specifiedTop Loading Full Rotary HookTop Loading Full Rotary Hook
Thread Tension ControlManualNot specifiedManualManual
Maximum Stitch Width5mmNot specified5mm7mm
Feed System4 piece feed dogNot specified4 piece feed dogSuperior Feed System
Easy Reverse ButtonYesNoYesYes
Bobbin WindingAuto-DeClutchNoAuto-DeClutchAuto-DeClutch
Stitch SelectionDialsNot specifiedDialsEasy Navigation Buttons
Dual Voltage 80v – 240vNoNoNoNo
Number of Stitches902330
Number of Buttonholes1 Four-Step Buttonhole01 One-step6 One-Step Buttonholes
Needle ThreaderBuilt-InNoBuilt-in, One-handBuilt-In
Needle Up DownNoNoNoYes
Free ArmYesNoYesNo
Drop FeedNoNoNoNo
Needle Position15Not specifiedNot specified5
Locking Stitch ButtonNoNoNoYes
Twin Needle GuardNoNoNoNo
Number of Stitch CombinationNot Available0Not AvailableNot Available
Last Stitch Recall CapabilityNoNoNoYes
Knee LiftNoNoNoNo
Machine SizeW 13.4″ x H 10″ x D 6.3″W 15.3″ x H 10.9″ x D 5.9″16″ x 11.9″ x 7″W 14.8″ x H 11″ x D 6.6″
Machine Weight11.6 lbs10.1 lbs14.8 lbs18.2 lbs
Work SpaceW 5.1″ x D 4.3″W 6.5″ x H 4.7″6.7″ x 4.3″W 6.2″ x H 4.7″
Extra High Presser Foot LiftYesNoYesYes
Foot Pressure AdjustmentNoNoNoNo
Maximum Stitch Length4mmNot specified4mm5mm
Other FeaturesCompact and lightweightNeedle punching and felting machine, 5-needle punching unit with fixed needles. 5-hole needle and single needle unit with plate included. 900 punches per minNoneMemorized

Q: What types of fabrics can the Janome Jem Gold 660 handle?

A: The Janome Jem Gold 660 is designed to work with a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, denim, silk, and even stretch fabrics. Its versatility allows you to tackle various sewing projects with ease.

Q: Is the Janome Jem Gold 660 suitable for quilting?

A: Absolutely! The Janome Jem Gold 660 is an excellent choice for quilting enthusiasts. Its compact design and quilting-friendly features make it ideal for piecing and quilting projects.

Q: Can I use the Janome Jem Gold 660 for heavy-duty sewing?

A: While it excels in lightweight and medium-weight fabrics, it may not be the best choice for heavy-duty projects like sewing through multiple layers of thick material. For heavy-duty tasks, a specialized machine may be more suitable.

Q: How user-friendly is the Janome Jem Gold 660 for beginners?

A: The Janome Jem Gold 660 is exceptionally beginner-friendly. With features like a built-in needle threader, easy stitch selection dials, and a user-friendly design, it’s a great choice for those new to sewing.

Q: Does the Janome Jem Gold 660 require frequent maintenance?

A: Not excessively. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance, such as oiling the machine as recommended in the user manual, will ensure optimal performance. The machine is designed for durability with minimal upkeep.

Q: Can I bring the Janome Jem Gold 660 to sewing classes?

A: Absolutely! Weighing only 11.6 pounds and featuring a compact design, the Janome Jem Gold 660 is highly portable, making it an ideal companion for sewing classes, workshops, or crafting on the go.

Q: Does the Janome Jem Gold 660 have any built-in embroidery features?

A: No, the Janome Jem Gold 660 is a sewing machine and does not come with built-in embroidery features. It is primarily designed for a variety of sewing projects, offering versatility and ease of use.

Q: What accessories come with the Janome Jem Gold 660?

A: The Janome Jem Gold 660 comes with a range of accessories, including various presser feet, bobbins, a needle set, a seam ripper, and a screwdriver. The included extension table and free arm enhance its functionality.

Q: Can I adjust the sewing speed on the Janome Jem Gold 660?

A: The Janome Jem Gold 660 operates at a standard sewing speed. While it doesn’t have adjustable speed settings, its user-friendly controls allow you to maintain a comfortable and consistent sewing pace.

Q: Is the Janome Jem Gold 660 suitable for professional seamstresses?

A: The Janome Jem Gold 660, while a reliable machine, is more geared towards home sewing and quilting. For heavy professional use, a higher-end machine with advanced features may be more suitable.

Q: Can I perform free-motion quilting with the Janome Jem Gold 660?

A: Yes, you can engage in free-motion quilting with the Janome Jem Gold 660. Its free arm and versatile stitch options make it conducive to creative quilting projects, providing flexibility and control.


In conclusion, the Janome Jem Gold 660 stands out as a remarkable sewing machine that seamlessly combines portability, versatility, and user-friendly features. Its compact design, weighing only 11.6 pounds, makes it an excellent choice for those on the move or attending sewing classes. The inclusion of a built-in needle threader, top-loading full rotary hook bobbin system, and easy stitch selection dials enhances the overall user experience, especially for beginners.


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