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Janome 49360: Janome is a well-respected and renowned brand in the world of sewing machines. The company has a rich history of producing high-quality sewing machines that cater to a wide range of sewing enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced professionals. Here’s an introduction to Janome sewing machines:

1. Legacy of Excellence: Janome has been a prominent name in the sewing machine industry for over a century. With a history dating back to 1921, Janome has consistently provided innovative and reliable sewing machines to meet the evolving needs of sewers.

2. Diverse Product Range: Janome offers a diverse range of sewing machines, from mechanical and computerized models to quilting and embroidery machines. They have sewing machines tailored to various sewing styles, including basic sewing, quilting, embroidery, and more.

3. User-Friendly Design: Janome sewing machines are known for their user-friendly design. They aim to create machines that inspire creativity while being easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an experienced sewist tackling intricate projects, Janome machines are designed for intuitive ease of operation.

4. Innovative Features: Janome is dedicated to incorporating innovative features into their sewing machines. These features may include easy threading systems, one-step buttonholes, adjustable stitch settings, needle threaders, and more, making sewing tasks more efficient.

5. Quality and Durability of Janome Sewing Machine

Janome Sewing Machine is recognized for its commitment to quality and durability. Their machines often feature sturdy construction, ensuring they stand the test of time and handle a wide variety of fabrics and projects. Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine comes with different types of features, that help the sewers to do their work very ease. Its  stronger heavy motor will provide you with the higher stitching power in thick canvas.

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Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine

Below you will find the Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points

Review of: Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • Heavy metal frame for stability.
  • 25-year limited warranty for peace of mind.
  • 10 utility stitches for versatile sewing.
  • Built-in four-step buttonhole for button projects.
  • Snap-on presser feet for easy changes.
  • 5-piece feed dog for smooth fabric feeding.
  • Drop feed for free-motion sewing.
  • Push-pull bobbin winder for convenient use.
  • Extra high presser foot lift for thick fabrics.
  • Stitch selection dial for easy stitch choices.
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin for accessibility.
  • Maximum stitch width of 5mm for varied designs.
  • Maximum stitch length of 4mm for flexibility.
  • Treadle foot control for manual operation.
  • Requires no electrical power for eco-friendly use.
  • Treadle-operated sewing table required for operation.
  • Bobbin thread tangling troubleshooting with rethreading.
  • High-quality bobbin thread recommended.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons



  • Treadle Operation: The manual treadle operation allows for sewing without electrical power, providing a traditional and eco-friendly experience.

  • Versatile Stitch Options: With 10 utility stitches and a built-in buttonhole stitch, the machine offers versatility for a range of sewing projects.

  • Sturdy Construction: The heavy metal frame ensures stability, making it suitable for handling various fabrics and providing durability over time.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Features like snap-on presser feet, a stitch selection dial, and top-loading full rotary hook bobbin contribute to an easy and intuitive sewing experience.

  • No Electrical Dependency: The machine’s independence from electrical power makes it convenient for use in different settings and locations.


  • Treadle Table Not Included: The requirement for a treadle-operated sewing table (not included) may be an additional investment for users without an existing compatible table.

  • Limited Stitches: While the 10 utility stitches cover basic sewing needs, users looking for a broader range of decorative stitches may find the options somewhat limited.

  • Manual Thread Cutter: The absence of an automatic thread cutter means users need to cut the thread manually, which might be less convenient for those accustomed to automatic cutting features on other machines.

In this detailed exploration, we’ll delve into the extensive features that make the Janome 712T a versatile and user-friendly choice for sewing enthusiasts. From its heavy metal frame to the array of stitches and troubleshooting tips, this guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what makes this treadle-powered machine stand out.

Heavy Metal Frame

The Janome 712T boasts a robust heavy metal frame that provides unparalleled stability during sewing. This feature ensures that the machine remains steady, allowing for precise and accurate stitching even when working on challenging projects.

25-Year Limited Warranty

To instill confidence in your purchase, Janome offers a generous 25-year limited warranty. This warranty underscores the brand’s commitment to quality and durability, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on countless sewing adventures.

10 Utility Stitches

With a selection of 10 utility stitches, the Janome 712T empowers you to tackle a wide range of sewing tasks. These utility stitches cover the essentials needed for everyday projects, making the machine suitable for both beginners and seasoned sewers.

Built-in Four-Step Buttonhole

Creating buttonholes is a breeze with the built-in four-step buttonhole feature. Whether you’re working on garments or accessories, this function adds a professional touch to your projects, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate buttons.

Snap-On Presser Feet

The convenience of snap-on presser feet sets the Janome 712T apart. Easily switch between different presser feet to accommodate various sewing techniques, enhancing the machine’s versatility and adaptability to different fabrics and projects.

5-Piece Feed Dog

The 5-piece feed dog ensures smooth and even fabric feeding, preventing bunching or uneven stitches. This feature is essential for achieving professional-looking results across a spectrum of fabrics, from lightweight to heavy materials.

Drop Feed

For creative freedom in your sewing endeavors, the Janome 712T is equipped with a drop feed feature. This functionality allows you to engage in free-motion sewing, making it ideal for quilting, embroidery, and other artistic projects.

Push-Pull Bobbin Winder

Efficient bobbin winding is at your fingertips with the push-pull bobbin winder. This user-friendly feature simplifies the bobbin preparation process, ensuring that the bobbin is evenly and tightly wound for uninterrupted sewing sessions.

Extra High Presser Foot Lift

Navigate through thick layers of fabric with ease using the extra high presser foot lift. This additional lift provides ample space for bulky materials, making the Janome 712T suitable for a variety of sewing applications.

Stitch Selection Dial

The intuitive stitch selection dial allows you to effortlessly choose from the 10 available stitches. This user-friendly interface makes it easy to switch between different stitch options, catering to the specific requirements of each project.

Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin

Accessing the bobbin is a straightforward task thanks to the top loading full rotary hook bobbin system. This design ensures quick and easy bobbin changes, minimizing disruptions during your sewing sessions.

Maximum Stitch Width of 5mm

Achieve intricate and detailed stitching with the Janome 712T, which offers a maximum stitch width of 5mm. This generous width accommodates a variety of decorative stitches, giving your projects a personalized and professional finish.

Maximum Stitch Length of 4mm

For versatility in stitch length, the Janome 712T allows a maximum stitch length of 4mm. Whether you’re working on fine fabrics or creating bold topstitching, this feature provides flexibility to suit your creative vision.

Treadle Foot Control

Embrace a manual and eco-friendly sewing experience with the treadle foot control. This mechanism allows you to operate the machine without the need for electrical power, aligning perfectly with a true do-it-yourself ethic.

Requires No Electrical Power

In a departure from traditional electric sewing machines, the Janome 712T proudly requires no electrical power for operation. This not only reduces your environmental footprint but also grants you the freedom to sew in locations where electricity may not be readily available.

Treadle-Operated Sewing Table Requirement

To unlock the full potential of the Janome 712T, a treadle-operated sewing table is required. This additional piece of furniture complements the machine’s treadle foot control, creating a cohesive and functional sewing setup.

Bobbin Thread Tangling Troubleshooting

Description: Tangling or bunching of the bobbin thread is a frustrating issue that can hinder the sewing process with the Janome 712T.

Cause: Bobbin thread tangling is often caused by improper threading of the bobbin or using a low-quality or incorrect bobbin thread. It may also occur if the bobbin is not wound smoothly or if the bobbin case is not inserted correctly.


  1. Remove and Rethread the Bobbin:

    • Remove the bobbin and rethread it, ensuring the thread is wound evenly and tightly.
  2. Use High-Quality Bobbin Thread:

    • Use high-quality bobbin thread that is suitable for the Janome 712T Treadle Powered model.
  3. Check the Bobbin Case:

    • Inspect the bobbin case for any signs of damage or debris. Clean it if necessary and reinsert it securely.
  4. Adjust Bobbin Tension:

    • Adjust the bobbin tension if the tangling persists. Refer to the user manual for guidance on tension adjustment.

Machine Jamming Troubleshooting

Description: The sewing machine jamming during use is a common issue that can disrupt the sewing process and cause frustration.

Cause: Machine jamming can occur due to tangled threads, debris or lint buildup in the machine, or using thick fabrics that the machine is not designed to handle.


  1. Turn Off and Unplug:

    • Turn off the sewing machine and unplug it before attempting to resolve the jam.
  2. Carefully Remove Fabric:

    • Carefully remove the fabric and check for any tangled threads or snags in the machine.
  3. Clear Lint and Debris:

    • Clear out any accumulated lint or debris from the bobbin area and the feed dogs using a brush or vacuum.
  4. Use Special Needle for Thick Fabrics:

    • If using thick fabrics, consider using a special needle designed for heavy fabrics, and sew at a slower speed.

Skipped Stitches Troubleshooting

Description: Skipped stitches are when the sewing machine fails to create stitches at certain points, resulting in gaps in the sewing pattern.

Cause: Skipped stitches can be caused by using the wrong type or size of needle, a damaged needle, or a dull needle. Additionally, using incorrect thread tension or not properly cleaning and oiling the machine can also lead to skipped stitches.


  1. Use Appropriate Needle:

    • Ensure you are using the appropriate needle type and size for the fabric being sewn.
  2. Inspect Needle for Damage:

    • Inspect the needle for any signs of damage or dullness. Replace it with a new needle if needed.
  3. Check Thread Tension:

    • Check the thread tension and adjust it as necessary. A balanced tension will prevent skipped stitches.
  4. Regular Machine Maintenance:

    • Regularly clean and oil the machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it running smoothly.

Included Accessories

  • Zipper Foot
  • Hemmer Foot
  • Overedge Foot
  • Sliding Buttonhole foot
  • Blind Stitch Foot


Here’s a comparison table among the Janome 712T, Janome 49360, Sewist 725S, and 8077 sewing machines:

FeatureJanome 712TJanome 49360Sewist 725SJanome 8077
Stitches10 Utility Stitches + Buttonhole60 Built-in Stitches23 Built-in Stitches30 Built-in Stitches
ButtonholeFour-Step ButtonholeOne-Step ButtonholeOne-Step ButtonholeOne-Step Buttonhole
Presser FeetSnap-OnSnap-OnSnap-OnSnap-On
Feed Dog5-Piece Feed Dog7-Piece Feed Dog6-Piece Feed Dog7-Piece Feed Dog
Drop FeedYesYesYesYes
Bobbin WinderPush-PullIndependent Motorized Bobbin WinderManualIndependent Motorized Bobbin Winder
Presser Foot LiftExtra HighExtra HighExtra HighExtra High
Stitch SelectionDialLCD Screen with Direct Stitch SelectionDialLCD Screen with Direct Stitch Selection
Bobbin SystemTop Loading Full Rotary HookTop Loading Full Rotary HookTop Loading Full Rotary HookTop Loading Full Rotary Hook
Maximum Stitch Width5mm7mm5mm7mm
Maximum Stitch Length4mm5mm4mm5mm
Speed ControlTreadle Foot ControlYes (Electronic)NoYes (Electronic)
Tension AdjustmentManualAutomaticManualAutomatic
Needle ThreaderNoYesNoYes
Thread CutterManualAutomaticManualAutomatic
Built-in LightYesYesYesYes
Warranty25-Year Limited25-Year Limited25-Year Limited25-Year Limited

FAQJanome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine

How do I operate the Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine?

Operating the Janome 712T is straightforward. Ensure the treadle-operated sewing table is in place, position your fabric, and use the foot treadle to control the stitching speed. The machine’s manual provides detailed guidance on usage.

Can I use the Janome 712T for quilting?

Yes, the Janome 712T is suitable for quilting. The drop feed feature allows free-motion quilting, and its sturdy design ensures stability, making it an excellent choice for quilting projects.

What should I do if the bobbin thread gets tangled?

If you encounter bobbin thread tangling, first, remove and rethread the bobbin, ensuring even winding. Use high-quality bobbin thread, check the bobbin case for damage, and adjust the tension if needed. Refer to the troubleshooting section in the manual for detailed steps.

Is it possible to sew without electrical power?

Absolutely. The Janome 712T is treadle-powered, requiring no electrical power. The treadle foot control allows manual operation, giving you the flexibility to sew without relying on electricity.

Can I use the Janome 712T for heavy fabrics?

Yes, the Janome 712T is equipped with an extra high presser foot lift, making it suitable for handling heavy fabrics. Ensure you use the appropriate needle and sew at a slower speed for optimal results.

How do I troubleshoot if the machine jams during sewing?

If the machine jams, turn it off, unplug it, and carefully remove the fabric. Check for tangled threads, clear lint or debris, and consider using a special needle for thick fabrics. Following these steps should resolve most jamming issues.

What type of warranty does the Janome 712T come with?

The Janome 712T comes with a 25-year limited warranty, providing you with long-term assurance and support for your sewing machine.

Can I use the Janome 712T for delicate fabrics?

Yes, the Janome 712T is versatile and can handle delicate fabrics. Adjusting the machine’s settings, using the appropriate needle, and practicing on scrap fabric can help achieve optimal results with delicate materials.

What maintenance steps should I follow for the Janome 712T?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the machine, lubricating as per the user manual, and checking for any signs of wear. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the machine operates smoothly for years to come.

How do I troubleshoot if the thread keeps breaking?

If you experience thread breakage, check the needle compatibility, rethread the machine securely, use high-quality thread, adjust the machine speed, and verify correct bobbin tension. Regular machine maintenance is also crucial in preventing thread breakage. Refer to the troubleshooting section in the manual for detailed steps.


In conclusion, the Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine is a remarkable companion for sewing enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality. Its heavy metal frame, versatile stitches, and user-friendly features cater to a diverse range of sewing projects. The troubleshooting tips provided here empower you to overcome common challenges, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable sewing experience. With a 25-year limited warranty backing its durability, the Janome 712T stands as a reliable and enduring choice for those who appreciate the art of sewing.

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