Brother LX3817 In-Depth Review with Pros, Cons, Features: Best Lightweight Sewing Machine

Are you looking for a sewing machine that is very lightweight with amazing features?

Then Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is an excellent choice for you. Brother LX3817  is a lightweight, fully-featured, and easy-to-use sewing machine. This sewing machine is specially made for either the beginner or the experienced sewer.

In the Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine review, we discuss some of the amazing features of this machine and give you awesome buying guides.

Brother is a wonderful brand in the sewing machine industry. They bring the same level of dedication to quality to their machines.

The Brother LX3817 is one of Brother’s lightweight and excellent sewing machine.

This Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is wonderful for everyday sewing projects. It is appreciated for its user-friendly features and lightweight design.

In a community, 9 out of 10 customers recommend it to others using this sewing machine because of its excellence. It got an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than one thousand customers on Amazon.

Below you will find the top independent Brother LX3817  Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points.

Product Overview: At a Glance

Review of: Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why is it Better?

The Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is qualified and capable of delivering decades of trouble-free service. The Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is an excellent choice for a reliable and ruined-free sewing machine. It retails at a reasonable price on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

Brother LX3817
Features And Functions Of Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine:

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine is a versatile and user-friendly machine designed for both beginners and intermediate sewers. Below are its key features and information:


Easy To Use

The Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is a versatile and user-friendly sewing machine designed to make sewing tasks a breeze for beginners and experienced sewers alike. With its easy-to-use features, this machine offers a seamless and enjoyable sewing experience. It comes equipped with a variety of built-in stitches, including decorative and utility stitches, making it suitable for a wide range of sewing projects. 

Value for money

The Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is a fantastic value-for-money sewing machine. Priced affordably, it offers a wide range of features and capabilities that make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced sewers on a budget

Easy to learnBrother LX3817

The Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is an excellent choice for both beginners and those looking for a straightforward sewing machine. Its user-friendly design and intuitive features make it easy to learn for sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels. With a built-in needle threader, easy stitch selection dial, and clear threading diagrams, threading the machine is a breeze. The machine offers a variety of essential stitches for basic sewing projects.  the Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is an accessible and user-friendly option that will help you get the hang of sewing quickly.


The Brother LX3817 Sewing Machine is a versatile and reliable sewing machine that offers a wide range of features to accommodate various sewing needs. One of its standout qualities is its ability to handle different fabric thicknesses with ease.

17 Built-In Stitches

These 17 stitches will allow you to perform all basic sewing tasks.  Included are:

  • 6 straight stitches (5 sizes ranging from 1.6mm to 4mm in length using central needle position and one 2.5mm left needle position)
  • 3 zigzag stitches (0.7 to 2mm length with 1.8 to 5mm width)
  • 3 sizes of satin stitch (only counts as 1 stitch)
  • 1 four-step automatic buttonhole stitch
  • 1 of each of the following stitches: blind hem stitch, stretch blind hem stitch, elastic stitch, overedge stitch, double-action stitch, bridging stitch

The Brother LX3817 comes with 17 unique built-in stitches, allowing you to tackle various sewing projects with ease. These stitches include utility stitches, decorative stitches, and a 4-step auto-size buttonhole.

4-Step Auto-Size Buttonhole 

This Brother LX3817 machine features a 4-step buttonhole function, making it simple to create buttonholes of different sizes for your garments or projects.

Free Arm

The removable free arm is ideal for sewing cylindrical items like sleeves, cuffs, and pant legs. It provides greater maneuverability and precision.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

You can easily customize the length and width of your stitches to match your specific sewing needs. This feature is handy for fine-tuning stitch appearance.

Top-Loading Bobbin

The top-loading bobbin system is user-friendly and makes it convenient to insert and change the bobbin thread. It also features a clear bobbin cover so you can monitor your bobbin thread supply.

Easy Threading

The Brother LX3817 typically includes an easy threading system, making it simpler for beginners to set up the machine and thread it quickly.

Thread Tension Control 

You can adjust the thread tension to achieve the desired stitch quality, ensuring your stitches are even and secure.

Reverse Stitching

The Brother LX3817 machine is equipped with a reverse stitching lever or button, allowing you to reinforce the beginning and end of seams with backstitches.

Stitch Selector Dial

A stitch selector dial or lever lets you choose from the 17 built-in stitches with ease.

LED Lighting 

An LED light is integrated into the machine to provide bright and shadow-free illumination of your sewing area, ensuring better visibility while working on your projects.

Built-In Accessory Storage 

The Brother LX3817 typically includes a storage compartment where you can keep your sewing accessories organized and readily accessible.

Bobbin Winding System 

The Brother LX3817 machine has a simple bobbin winding system for winding new bobbins quickly.

Needle Plate Markings

The needle plate often features helpful markings for seam allowances and measurements, aiding in accurate stitching.

Presser Foot Lever

The Brother LX3817 sewig machine comes with 4 presser feet.

  1. Zigzag foot
  2. Zipper foot
  3. Buttonhole foot
  4. Button sewing foot
  5. Other optional presser feet for this machine can be bought separately. To change the presser feet, push the black button located behind the presser foot to release it, and then a new one can be snapped into place.

It includes a presser foot lever that allows you to easily raise and lower the presser foot for various fabric thicknesses.

Portable and Lightweight

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine is designed to be portable and lightweight, making it easy to transport or store when not in use.

Durable Construction 

Brother is known for its durable and reliable sewing machines, ensuring that the LX3817 is built to last.

Feed Dogs

The feed dogs move the material evenly while to sew, and this machine does not have the switch for raising or lowering the feed dogs, but a darning plate which same come with or it can be purchased separately to cover them for free motion sewing.


Instructional CD

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine often includes an instructional CD as one of its key features. This instructional CD provides valuable guidance and tutorials on how to set up and use the sewing machine effectively.


Brother LX3817 sewing machine has 25 years of limited warranty from the date of purchase. 

If you are considering purchasing this excellent , we have also included our standard diagram of rating and lists of pros-cons.




Included  Accessories

The LX3817 includes 4 sewing feet

bilingual instructional manual



What Type of Projects Can I Make With The Brother LX3817?

The Brother LX3817 sewing machine is a versatile and beginner-friendly machine suitable for a wide range of sewing projects. While it may not have all the advanced features of more expensive machines, it can handle various tasks effectively. Here are some common types of projects you can make with the Brother LX3817:

  1. Garment Sewing:

    • You can create clothing items such as dresses, skirts, blouses, and pants.
    • Hemming and altering clothing is easy with this machine.
    • It’s suitable for sewing lightweight to medium-weight fabrics like cotton, denim, and knits.
  2. Home Decor:

    • Make curtains, pillow covers, and tablecloths.
    • Sew decorative cushions and pillowcases.
    • Create simple upholstery projects for chairs and cushions.
  3. Accessories and Bags:

    • Craft handbags, tote bags, and cosmetic pouches.
    • Sew wallets, coin purses, and fabric accessories.
  4. Quilting (Basic Quilts):

    • While the Brother LX3817 is not a dedicated quilting machine, it can handle basic quilting projects like baby quilts or small lap quilts.
    • You can quilt small projects by piecing together fabric layers and using simple quilting designs.
  5. Crafts and DIY Projects:

    • Embark on craft projects like fabric-based crafts, stuffed toys, and appliqué.
    • Create home decor items like fabric wall art or fabric banners.
  6. Repairs and Alterations:

    • Use the machine for mending clothes, including patching holes and fixing seams.
    • Adjust the fit of clothing by taking in or letting out seams.
  7. Embroidery and Monogramming (with optional attachments):

    • While the Brother LX3817 does not have built-in embroidery capabilities, you can purchase optional embroidery or monogramming attachments to add decorative designs to your projects.
  8. Learning and Practice:

    • The machine is excellent for beginners who want to learn sewing techniques and build their sewing skills.
    • It’s suitable for practicing different types of stitches and sewing methods.

While the Brother LX3817 is a versatile machine, it’s important to keep in mind that it may have some limitations compared to more advanced sewing machines. For heavy-duty or specialized projects, such as heavy denim or leather sewing, intricate embroidery, or quilting large quilts, you may eventually find the need for a more specialized sewing machine. However, for general sewing and a variety of creative projects, the Brother LX3817 is a great choice for beginners and hobbyists.

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