SINGER S0230 Serger Review: Pros, Cons, Best Comparison, FAQ

A serger machine, also known as an overlock machine, is a specialized sewing device used for creating professional-looking seams and finishing edges on various types of fabrics. Unlike a regular sewing machine, a serger uses multiple threads simultaneously to trim, encase, and stitch the fabric edges, resulting in neat and secure seams. These machines are known for their versatility and are commonly used in garment construction, home décor projects, and crafting.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, the SINGER S0230 Serger Overlock Machine is the best choice of sewing machine for you because of its heavy-duty features.

Do you know how SINGER is renowned for the sewing machine? First, you have to know about the mighty SINGER sewing machine company. 

Singer sewing machines have been a trusted and renowned name in the world of sewing for decades. With a legacy dating back to 1851, Singer has consistently delivered innovative and reliable sewing machines for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Singer machines are known for their user-friendly features, making them an excellent choice for beginners looking to kickstart their sewing journey. These machines often come pre-threaded and offer preset stitch lengths and widths, eliminating the guesswork and streamlining the sewing process, ideal for novices. However, Singer sewing machines are not just for beginners; they are robust and versatile enough to meet the demands of experienced sewers. With features like various stitch applications, easy threading, and durable metal frames, Singer sewing machines are trusted companions for a wide range of sewing projects. Whether you’re crafting garments, quilts, or home decor, or simply mending, a Singer sewing machine is a reliable choice that embodies a rich history of practical design and creative innovation.

SINGER S0230 Serger Overlock Machine comes with different types of features, that help the sewers to do their work very ease. Its  stronger heavy motor will provide you with the higher stitching power in thick canvas.

Below you will find the SINGER S0230 Serger Overlock Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points

Review of: SINGER S0230 Serger Overlock Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • Simultaneous sewing and seam finishing.
  • 2, 3, or 4 thread stitch options.
  • Ideal for narrow hemming on napkins.
  • Stretchable seams for knit fabrics.
  • Decorative edge stitching.
  • Differential feed for distortion-free stretch fabrics.
  • Built-in free arm for small sleeves and cuffs.
  • Professional results for polished projects.
  • Pre-threaded with color-coded threads.
  • Color-coded threading system.
  • LED lighting for bright illumination.
  • Extra high presser foot lifter.
  • Heavy-duty metal frame for durability.
  • High-speed stitching at 1300 stitches per minute.
  • Speed control with digital settings.
  • Adjustable stitch length and width.
  • Built-in rolled hem feature.
  • Movable upper knife for trimming.
  • Machine dimensions: 14″ x 11″ x 11.5″.
  • Machine weight: 13.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited/25 years on the interior frame.

SINGER S0230 Serger

Allow me to introduce you to the Singer S0230 Serger, a remarkable sewing machine that combines simplicity with incredible functionality.  I’m here to provide you with an in-depth exploration of the features that make this serger stand out.

With the Singer S0230, you get a serger that not only simplifies your sewing experience but also opens up a world of creative possibilities. This machine offers the perfect blend of ease of use, innovative features, and a stylish design.

Simultaneous Stitching

The Singer S0230 Serger is all about efficiency. It allows you to sew a seam and finish it in one swift motion while trimming away the excess seam allowance. Just like the garments you find in stores, this serger ensures professional-quality seams and seam finishes. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes, as the S0230 streamlines your sewing experience.

Versatile Stitch Options

This serger offers the flexibility to work with 2, 3, or 4 threads for a wide range of stitch combinations. Whether you’re looking for basic stitches or decorative designs, the S0230 has you covered. With this level of versatility, you can bring your creative sewing ideas to life with ease.

Perfect for Narrow Hemming

Napkins, tablecloths, and various other sewing projects often require narrow hems. The Singer S0230 excels in this department, allowing you to sew those narrow little hems with precision and consistency. Say goodbye to uneven hems, and achieve a polished look for your projects.

Stretchable Seams

Working with knit fabrics? No problem. The Singer S0230 Serger is designed to create stretchable seams that move with the fabric without popping. Your knit tops, leggings, and other stretchy garments will not only look professional but also offer comfort and flexibility.

Decorative Edge Stitching

Enhance your sewing projects with decorative edges. Whether you’re adding flair to a fleece blanket or giving a unique touch to clothing items, the S0230 allows you to sew a decorative edge that elevates the overall look. It’s all about those extra details that make your creations stand out.

Differential Feed 

The Singer S0230 Serger takes the guesswork out of sewing stretchy fabrics. Thanks to the differential feed feature, you can work with super stretchy materials without the unsightly wavy distortion. Additionally, it ensures that sheers won’t pucker, providing you with a professional finish, no matter the fabric type.

Built-In Free Arm

Sewing around small sleeves, cuffs, and other intricate areas is a breeze with the Singer S0230. The built-in free arm feature offers exceptional mobility, making it perfect for children’s clothing and other projects that require precision. Your sewing projects will reach new heights with this added convenience.

Professional-Quality Results

When you choose the Singer S0230 Serger, you’re opting for professional-grade results. The exceptional features and functions of this serger ensure that your sewing projects look and feel like they were crafted by an expert. It’s all about achieving a level of quality that meets and even exceeds your expectations.

Pre-Threaded for Easy Setup

Don’t fret about threading hassles. Your Singer S0230 Serger arrives pre-threaded with color-coded threads for your convenience. No need to struggle with complex threading processes—just start sewing right away. Additionally, handy reference diagrams on the machine make it even simpler to get started.

Color-Coded Threading System

The Singer S0230 comes equipped with a color-coded threading system. Each thread’s threading path is indicated with a specific color. This thoughtful design simplifies the threading process and eliminates confusion. No more threading mistakes—just smooth and straightforward setup.

LED Lighting

Bright illumination is essential for precise sewing. The Singer S0230 features long-lasting LED lighting that not only provides a well-lit workspace but also remains cool to the touch. You’ll have a clear view of your stitching, ensuring accuracy and eye comfort.

Extra High Presser Foot Lifter

Working with thicker fabrics? No worries. The Singer S0230 offers an extra high presser foot lifter, accommodating the thickness of your materials. This feature ensures that your serger can handle various fabric types, from lightweight to heavy, with ease.

Durable Metal Frame

Durability is a key factor in the Singer S0230 Serger. The machine’s interior frame is constructed with heavy-duty metal, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. You can rely on this serger to withstand the test of time and provide consistent results for years to come.

High-Speed Stitching

If you’re looking to complete your sewing projects quickly, the Singer S0230 won’t disappoint. With a maximum stitching speed of 1300 stitches per minute, you can finish tasks in no time. Whether you’re working on a time-sensitive project or simply want to enhance your efficiency, the high-speed stitching capability has you covered.

Digital Speed Control

For precise control over your sewing speed, the Singer S0230 offers digital speed control. Adjust the maximum sewing speed of the machine to match your preferences and project requirements. This feature allows you to sew at your own pace, ensuring accurate and comfortable stitching.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

Customize your stitches with ease using the adjustable stitch length and width features of the S0230. These adjustments allow you to create the perfect stitch appearance, whether you’re working on appliqué, basting, or any other stitch technique. Tailor your stitches to your specific project needs.

Built-In Rolled Hem

Creating rolled hems has never been simpler. The Singer S0230 Serger features a built-in rolled hem function, and all it takes is a quick slide of a lever. No need to change the stitch plate or engage in complex setup procedures. Save time and achieve beautifully finished edges with this convenient feature.

Movable Upper Knife

The upper knife of the Singer S0230 can be engaged or rolled out of the way, providing you with the flexibility to trim excess seam allowance or utilize special techniques like flatlocking. Adjust the knife to suit your specific project requirements, adding versatility to your sewing tasks.

Machine Dimensions

The Singer S0230 Serger’s dimensions are designed for practicality. It measures 14″ in width, 11″ in depth, and 11.5″ in height. These dimensions provide a compact and space-efficient sewing solution while still offering all the necessary features.

Machine Weight

At 13.5 pounds, the Singer S0230 is lightweight and easily portable. Whether you’re setting up your sewing station or attending sewing classes, this serger is convenient to carry and maneuver. Its manageable weight ensures that you can take your sewing projects wherever you go.


Your investment in the Singer S0230 Serger is backed by a 1-year limited warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the machine’s interior frame is covered by a remarkable 25-year warranty, giving you peace of mind regarding its durability.

Perfect Stitching for All Fabrics

Light-weight fabricMedium-weight fabricHeavy-weight fabric

The Singer S0230 is versatile enough to handle various fabric types. From lightweight chiffon and silk to medium-weight cotton and denim, to heavy-weight canvas and upholstery fabrics, this serger can take on the challenge. It’s your go-to solution for all your sewing needs.

Maintenance Made Simple

Maintenance activitiesAfter each useMonthlyOnce each yearAs needed
Wipe head with soft damp clothNoNoNoYes
Wipe head with soft dry clothNoNoNoYes
Clean race hook and feed dogsYesNoNoYes

Keeping your Singer S0230 in top condition is easy. After each use, simply wipe the machine’s head with a soft damp cloth. No need for monthly maintenance; just wipe the head with a soft dry cloth. Maintenance activities that require attention once a year are minimal. For added convenience, oiling is not necessary—only needed as necessary.

Professional-Level Results

With the Singer S0230 Serger, you’re not just sewing; you’re creating professional-level results. This machine streamlines your sewing process, enhances your creative potential, and ensures durability. It’s the perfect choice for sewers of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent SINGER S0230 Serger Overlock Machine , we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons



  • Versatility: The machine’s ability to handle 2/3/4 threads, along with its user-friendly interface, makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers.

  • Durability and Affordability: Singer is a reputed brand known for manufacturing durable machines, and if the Singer S0230 is reasonably priced, it offers good value.

  • Specialty Thread Compatibility: The machine’s capability to work well with different specialty threads expands your creative options.

  • Stability: Suction cup feet help keep the sewing machine stable during use.

  • Adjustability: The ability to adjust tension and stitch length, along with color-coded threading guides, simplifies the sewing process.


  • Needle Change Difficulty: Changing needles might be slightly challenging.

  • Adjustments for Hemming Pants: Some adjustments are required to use the machine for hemming pants.

Comparison Table


FeatureBrother 1034DSinger S0230
Type of MachineSerger (Overlock Machine)Serger (Overlock Machine)
Number of Threads3/4 threads2/3/4 threads
Differential FeedYesYes
Stitch Speed1300 stitches per minute1300 stitches per minute
Stitch Options22 built-in stitch functions4 built-in stitch functions
Adjustable Stitch LengthYesYes
Adjustable Stitch WidthYesYes
Built-in Rolled Hem FeatureYesYes
Free Arm CapabilityNoYes
Included AccessoriesMultiple presser feet, needle set, tweezers, etc.Multiple presser feet, needle set, tweezers, etc.
Price RangeGenerally mid-range in terms of priceGenerally budget-friendly in terms of price


Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger as a beginner?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger is a great option for beginners. It’s designed to be user-friendly and comes with a color-coded threading system, making it easier to set up. The machine offers a variety of stitch options, allowing you to experiment and improve your sewing skills over time. The differential feed feature also helps with stretching fabrics, ensuring a professional finish on various projects.

Is the Singer S0230 Serger suitable for heavy-duty sewing?

While the Singer S0230 Serger is versatile and can handle various fabrics and projects, it’s not intended for heavy-duty industrial use. It’s more suitable for home sewing and crafting projects. The heavy-duty metal frame provides durability for everyday use, but it may not be suitable for extremely heavy fabrics or high-volume production.

What’s the main advantage of using a serger like the Singer S0230?

The main advantage of using a serger like the Singer S0230 is its ability to sew, finish seams, and trim excess fabric simultaneously. This creates professional-looking seams and edges commonly found in store-bought garments. Sergers are especially useful for preventing fraying and creating clean, durable seams on a wide range of fabrics.

Can I sew decorative edges with the Singer S0230 Serger?

Yes, you can sew decorative edges with the Singer S0230 Serger. It offers a variety of stitch combinations and options, allowing you to add decorative touches to your projects. Whether you want to create decorative edges on blankets, garments, or other items, this serger provides the versatility to enhance your sewing creations.

Can I use specialty threads with the Singer S0230 Serger?

Yes, you can use specialty threads with the Singer S0230 Serger. The machine is designed to work with a variety of thread types, including serger threads, metallic threads, and other specialty threads. This flexibility enables you to get creative with your projects and use different threads to achieve unique decorative effects and finishes.

Can the Singer S0230 Serger sew on stretchy fabrics without distorting them?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger can sew on stretchy fabrics without distorting them, thanks to the differential feed feature. This feature allows you to control the ratio of movement between the front and back sections of the feed teeth. By fine-tuning this setting, you can achieve distortion-free, professional results when working with stretchy fabrics.

Can I sew thick fabrics with the Singer S0230 Serger?

Yes, you can sew thick fabrics with the Singer S0230 Serger. The machine features an extra high presser foot lifter, which accommodates thick fabrics with ease. This allows you to work on a variety of projects, including heavy fabrics like denim or upholstery materials. The versatility of the serger makes it suitable for a wide range of sewing applications.

How can I disengage the knife on the Singer S0230 Serger?

You can disengage the upper knife on the Singer S0230 Serger by adjusting the settings. The machine allows you to control the space between the upper and lower knives. If you want to prevent the machine from cutting the fabric while sewing, you can disengage the knife, which is useful for certain sewing techniques. This feature gives you more control over your sewing projects.

Does the Singer S0230 Serger come with any additional accessories?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger comes with a set of additional accessories. These accessories are typically located in the storage area inside the cloth plate. Common accessories may include extra needles, tweezers, cone adapters, spool holders, a screwdriver, and a foot controller. These tools and components are designed to enhance your sewing experience and make it more convenient.

Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger for quilting projects?

While the primary purpose of the Singer S0230 Serger is for serging and finishing seams, it can be used for certain aspects of quilting. For example, you can use the serger to create decorative edges or to quickly piece together fabric strips. However, for intricate quilting designs and techniques, you may still need a dedicated quilting machine.

Can the Singer S0230 Serger handle fabrics with different thicknesses?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger can handle fabrics with different thicknesses. The adjustable presser foot on the machine can be raised or lowered to accommodate various fabric thicknesses. This ensures consistent stitch quality and prevents fabric from being too compressed or too loose while sewing.

What is the main advantage of using a serger over a regular sewing machine?

The main advantage of using a serger over a regular sewing machine is its ability to trim, overlock, and sew seams simultaneously. Sergers create professional, finished seams that prevent fraying and add durability to your projects. They are especially useful for stretch fabrics, decorative edges, and garments, giving your work a polished, store-bought appearance.

Can I create rolled hems with the Singer S0230 Serger?

Yes, you can create rolled hems with the Singer S0230 Serger. The machine is equipped with a built-in rolled hem feature that allows you to easily switch to rolled hem sewing without changing the stitch plate. Rolled hems provide a neat and decorative edge finish, making them ideal for various sewing projects.

Is the Singer S0230 Serger suitable for sewing children’s clothing?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger is suitable for sewing children’s clothing. Its free arm feature makes it easy to work on small sleeves and cuffs, which is commonly required for children’s garments. The machine’s ability to sew around these smaller areas ensures that you can create professional-quality children’s clothing.

Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger to sew with specialty threads?

Yes, you can use specialty threads with the Singer S0230 Serger. The machine is designed to accommodate various thread types, including specialty threads such as metallic threads, textured threads, and more. This flexibility allows you to add unique and creative touches to your sewing projects.

Is there a user manual provided with the Singer S0230 Serger?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger typically comes with a user manual. The manual provides detailed instructions on setting up, operating, and maintaining the machine. It also includes information on troubleshooting common issues and using the machine’s features effectively. Reading the user manual is recommended to get the most out of your serger.

Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger for sewing home decor items?

Yes, you can use the Singer S0230 Serger for sewing home decor items. Whether you’re working on curtains, pillow covers, table linens, or other home decor projects, the serger can help you achieve professional finishes and sturdy seams. Its adjustable features and stitch options make it versatile for various home decor applications.

Is the Singer S0230 Serger suitable for making clothing alterations?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger is suitable for making clothing alterations. Whether you need to hem pants, adjust the fit of a garment, or modify sleeves, the serger’s versatility and professional finish capabilities can help you achieve precise and durable alterations. It’s a valuable tool for both sewing new clothing and altering existing garments.

Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger for creating custom costumes and cosplay outfits?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger is an excellent choice for creating custom costumes and cosplay outfits. Its ability to handle various fabrics, create decorative edges, and sew professional seams makes it ideal for crafting detailed and high-quality costumes. The serger adds a polished look to your costume creations.

Does the Singer S0230 Serger work with serger thread cones?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger is compatible with serger thread cones. You can use serger thread cones to achieve professional-looking results, especially when working on projects that require a serger’s unique finishing capabilities. The machine’s thread guides and color-coded threading system simplify the use of serger thread cones.

Is there any specialized training required to use the Singer S0230 Serger effectively?

No, specialized training is not required to use the Singer S0230 Serger effectively. The machine is designed to be user-friendly, and the color-coded threading system, along with the user manual, simplifies the setup and operation. It’s suitable for sewers of various skill levels, including beginners who are new to sergers.

Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger for creating custom handbags and accessories?

Yes, you can use the Singer S0230 Serger for creating custom handbags and accessories. The serger’s ability to finish seams neatly and handle various fabrics makes it a valuable tool for crafting personalized accessories like handbags, wallets, and more. You can achieve professional-quality results with this machine.

Is the Singer S0230 Serger suitable for working on stretchy materials like spandex?

Yes, the Singer S0230 Serger is suitable for working on stretchy materials like spandex. The differential feed feature allows you to sew stretchy fabrics without causing distortion or puckering. This makes it ideal for activewear, swimwear, dancewear, and other projects that involve stretchy materials. The serger ensures your seams remain flexible and durable.

Can I make professional-grade athletic wear with the Singer S0230 Serger?

Yes, you can make professional-grade athletic wear with the Singer S0230 Serger. Its ability to work with stretchy fabrics and create durable seams makes it a great choice for sewing activewear. Whether you’re making leggings, sports bras, or other athletic garments, the serger ensures high-quality results that can withstand intense physical activity.

Is the Singer S0230 Serger compatible with twin needles for double stitching?

No, the Singer S0230 Serger is not designed for twin needle sewing or double stitching. It primarily focuses on serging and overlocking, which involves finishing seams, creating decorative edges, and preventing fraying. If you require twin needle capabilities, you may need a regular sewing machine designed for such techniques.

Can I use the Singer S0230 Serger for quilting layers together?

While the Singer S0230 Serger is not specifically designed for quilting, it can be used for basting layers together. Basting is the temporary joining of fabric layers to prepare for quilting. The serger can help secure the layers in place before final quilting on a dedicated quilting machine or regular sewing machine.


As we wrap up our discussion about the Singer S0230 Serger, I hope you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of this remarkable sewing machine. It offers a perfect balance of simplicity and versatility, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced sewers. With its impressive features like adjustable stitch length and width, a color-coded threading system, built-in rolled hem function, and much more, the Singer S0230 is designed to elevate your sewing projects to professional levels.

 Whether you’re creating intricate clothing designs, crafting home décor, or simply mending a beloved garment, this serger is your ticket to unlocking the ultimate stitching experience.

So, go ahead and grab this amazing serger overlock machine from Amazon, and let your sewing journey reach new heights with the Singer S0230. Happy sewing!

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