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Review of: SINGER 44S Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why is it Better?

The SINGER 44S sewing machine is qualified and capable of delivering decades of trouble-free service. The SINGER 44S is an excellent choice for a reliable and ruined-free sewing machine. It retails at a reasonable price on eCommerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

Singer 44S Heavy Duty Sewing MachineSINGER 44S Sewing Machine

The Singer 44S is a sewing machine model manufactured by the Singer Corporation, a well-known and respected name in the sewing industry. 

Singer sewing machines have a rich history dating back to the 19th century and are known for their durability, reliability, and versatility. They have been a popular choice for both beginners and experienced sewers for many years.

The Singer 44S, if it exists, would likely be part of Singer’s tradition of producing sewing machines that cater to a wide range of sewing needs, from basic mending and garment construction to more advanced projects like quilting and embroidery. It might come with various built-in stitches, adjustable stitch length and width, and other features to make sewing tasks easier and more efficient.

Features And Functions of SINGER 44S sewing machine

Special Value Bundle

Side Cutter Attachment: This nifty tool does double duty by trimming and hemming while you sew a seam. It’s like having a built-in seamstress that ensures your fabric edges look clean and professional.

Parallel Sewing Foot: With this attachment, you can create beautifully even rows of decorative stitching. Say goodbye to wonky lines and hello to precise and eye-catching designs on your projects.

Non-Stick Presser Foot: Sewing on tricky fabrics has never been easier. This presser foot glides effortlessly over challenging materials, making it a breeze to work with those fabrics that used to give you headaches.

Full Metal FrameSINGER 44S Sewing Machine

The Singer 44S sewing machine features a full metal frame inside, providing essential stability and ensuring the machine’s durability over time. This robust metal support keeps the machine steady during operation, even when working on challenging sewing projects.

Boosted Sewing Strength

The Singer 44S sewing machine boasts a more robust motor, delivering added power to effortlessly handle sewing through numerous layers of fabric and even thicker materials. This enhanced piercing power makes tackling challenging sewing projects a breeze.

Large Sewing Space

The Singer 44S sewing machine offers a spacious sewing area with a generous “C” space. This means there’s ample room between the needle and the main part of the machine, making it easy to tackle larger sewing projects. Whether you’re working on quilts, drapes, or other sizable creations, you’ll have the room you need to maneuver your fabric and stitches comfortably.

97 Stitch Applications in SINGER 44S Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

With the Singer 44S sewing machine, you get access to a remarkable array of 97 different stitch applications, offering you a world of possibilities for your sewing projects. These stitches cover a wide spectrum of sewing techniques, including essentials for everyday sewing, stitches for working with stretchy fabrics, and decorative stitches to add that personalized touch to your creations. Navigating through these stitch options is a breeze with the user-friendly Stitch Selector Dial. It’s as simple as turning the dial to choose your desired stitch. No need for complicated settings or guesswork—just pick the stitch you want, and the Singer 44S makes it easy to bring your creative sewing ideas to life.

One Step ButtonHole

Creating buttonholes with the Singer 44S sewing machine is a breeze, thanks to its one-step buttonhole feature. It simplifies the process into a single easy step. Here’s how it works: Just put your button into the designated holder on the presser foot, and let the machine do the rest. It will automatically stitch a buttonhole that’s perfectly sized for your button, ensuring consistent and precise results every time you use it. This convenient feature takes the guesswork out of making buttonholes, making it a handy tool for your sewing projects.

Bright LED Lighting

The Singer 44S sewing machine comes equipped with long-lasting LED lights that offer a bright and clear view of your sewing workspace. These lights are designed to eliminate any shadows, making it easier for you to see the details of your stitching. This means you can work on your sewing projects comfortably and accurately, even in low-light conditions.

Built In Needle Threader

The Singer 44S sewing machine is designed with a built-in needle threader that makes threading the needle’s eye a breeze. It’s a quick and convenient feature that saves you time and effort. Say goodbye to struggling with tiny needle holes – this handy tool takes the frustration out of threading so you can get to sewing faster and with ease.

Stainless Steel Bed Plate

The Singer 44S sewing machine features a stainless steel bed plate that makes sewing a breeze. This special surface is super smooth, allowing fabrics to glide effortlessly as you sew. It’s like the magic carpet ride of sewing machines, ensuring your fabric moves smoothly and evenly under the needle. This feature not only makes sewing easier but also helps you achieve professional-looking stitches with less effort. So, whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting out, the Singer 44S with its stainless steel bed plate will make your sewing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Top drop-in bobbin

Imagine you’re sewing, and you need to change or refill the bobbin, which holds the thread underneath the fabric. With the Singer 44S, this task is a breeze. It’s called a “drop-in bobbin” because you can easily drop the bobbin right into its designated spot, no complicated threading required.

Three Needle Positions

The Singer 44S sewing machine offers three needle positions, giving you extra control when it comes to where your stitches go. This feature comes in handy for tasks like adding zippers, working with cording, and achieving precise topstitching. With these multiple needle positions, you can ensure your stitches are exactly where you want them, making your sewing projects, like inserting zippers or adding decorative details, a breeze.

Free Arm

The removable extension table provides a free arm, which is ideal for sewing cuffs, collars, and other small, circular items.

Variety of Stitches

With 23 built-in stitches, including essential stitches like straight, zigzag, and decorative options, you can create a wide range of sewing projects. There are also stretch stitches for working with stretchy fabrics.

Presser Feet

This machine comes with 4 presser feet.

Regular foot

Buttonhole foot

Zipper foot

Button sewing foot

The feet are easily changed by just raising the lever behind the presser foot and foot drops off, then align another foot and snap it in place.

The presser feet lever has a high position for when sewing thick fabrics. The foot presser is also adjustable for this model.

Why Choose the Singer 44S?

The Singer 44S sewing machine is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and versatile machine that can handle different fabric types with ease. Whether you’re a home sewer or tackling more ambitious projects, this machine provides the features and durability you need for successful sewing endeavors. It’s a dependable companion for all your fabric-related creative pursuits.

Singer 44s heavy duty sewing machine has 25 years of limited warranty from the date of purchase. If there would be any problems in the machine head or its parts during this period, Singer will provide replacement parts.

The electric parts of this machine are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. Within 90 days of purchase, Singer will provide required adjustments and replace defective belts, light bulbs, or any attachments at no charge.

If you are considering purchasing this excellent SINGER 44S Sewing Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of rating and lists of pros-cons.




Accessories For the Singer 44S

  • Presser feet
  • Seam ripper and brush
  • Edge quilting guide
  • Package of needles
  • Spool holders
  • 3 bobbins – class 15
  • Screwdriver
  • Spool pin felt
  • Auxillary spool pin
  • Soft cover
  • Foot controller and power cord

FAQ about SINGER 44S

What can I do if the bobbin gets stuck?

If the bobbin gets stuck in your Singer 44S sewing machine, it can be a frustrating issue, but there are steps you can take to resolve it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you address a stuck bobbin:

  1. Turn off the Machine: First, turn off the sewing machine and unplug it from the power source for safety.

  2. Remove the Needle: If the needle is threaded, carefully remove it from the machine. This will prevent any accidents while you work on the bobbin area.

  3. Open the Bobbin Case: On the front of the machine, there is a removable cover or door that gives you access to the bobbin area. Open this cover to expose the bobbin case.

  4. Remove the Bobbin: Gently lift out the bobbin case, which holds the bobbin. If the bobbin is stuck, you may need to wiggle or carefully coax it out of the bobbin case.

  5. Check for Tangled Thread: Inspect the bobbin case and surrounding area for any tangled thread, lint, or debris. Even a small piece of thread can cause the bobbin to jam.

  6. Clean the Bobbin Case: Use a small brush or a pair of tweezers to remove any debris or thread that may be caught in the bobbin case or surrounding area. Ensure the area is clean and free from obstructions.

  7. Reinsert the Bobbin: Place the bobbin back into the bobbin case, ensuring it is inserted correctly with the thread tail extending in the correct direction as per your machine’s instructions.

  8. Reassemble and Test: Close the bobbin cover securely, rethread the upper thread, and reinsert the needle. Plug in the machine, turn it on, and test it by sewing on a piece of scrap fabric to ensure the bobbin is working correctly.

Does this machine have problems with the bobbin thread jamming?

Bobbin thread typically jams for several reasons, but this machine doesn’t tend to have this problem. Just make sure to wind your bobbin thread tightly since loose bobbin threads can cause a jamming problem.

Does it sew through leather and jeans? 

It’s sort of a machine’s specialty. It works very well on 4 layers of bulky fabric like denim, as long as you use the correct needle and thread.

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