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Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine: Janome is a well-respected and renowned brand in the world of sewing machines. The company has a rich history of producing high-quality sewing machines that cater to a wide range of sewing enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced professionals. Here’s an introduction to Janome sewing machines:

1. Legacy of Excellence: Janome has been a prominent name in the sewing machine industry for over a century. With a history dating back to 1921, Janome has consistently provided innovative and reliable sewing machines to meet the evolving needs of sewers.

2. Diverse Product Range: Janome offers a diverse range of sewing machines, from mechanical and computerized models to quilting and embroidery machines. They have sewing machines tailored to various sewing styles, including basic sewing, quilting, embroidery, and more.

3. User-Friendly Design: Janome sewing machines are known for their user-friendly design. They aim to create machines that inspire creativity while being easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner learning the basics or an experienced sewist tackling intricate projects, Janome machines are designed for intuitive ease of operation.

4. Innovative Features: Janome is dedicated to incorporating innovative features into their sewing machines. These features may include easy threading systems, one-step buttonholes, adjustable stitch settings, needle threaders, and more, making sewing tasks more efficient.

5. Quality and Durability of Janome Sewing Machine

Janome Sewing Machine is recognized for its commitment to quality and durability. Their machines often feature sturdy construction, ensuring they stand the test of time and handle a wide variety of fabrics and projects. Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine comes with different types of features, that help the sewers to do their work very ease. Its  stronger heavy motor will provide you with the higher stitching power in thick canvas.

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Below you will find the Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad point

Review of: Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • Heavy metal frame for stability.
  • 25-year limited warranty for long-term assurance.
  • 800 stitches per minute for quick sewing.
  • 15 built-in stitches for versatility.
  • Four-step buttonhole for button sewing.
  • Snap-on presser feet for easy changes.
  • 3-piece feed dog system for smooth fabric feeding.
  • Free arm for sewing sleeves and hems.
  • Push-pull bobbin winder for convenient winding.
  • Extra high presser foot lift for thick fabrics.
  • Stitch selection dial for easy stitch choosing.
  • Vertical oscillating hook bobbin system.
  • Maximum stitch width of 5mm.
  • Maximum stitch length of 4mm.
  • LED sewing space light for visibility.
  • Adjustable thread tension for different fabrics.
  • Front-loading bobbin system for easy access.
  • Built-in bobbin loading guide for convenience.
  • Four presser feet included for various tasks.
  • Removable free arm attachment for versatility.
  • Concealed accessory storage in the free arm.
  • Darning plate included for free-motion sewing.
  • Adjustable zigzag width for stitch customization.
  • Maximum throat space for larger projects.
  • Easy reverse lever for stitching in reverse.
  • Home decor, fashion, and quilting capabilities.
  • Quick start guide and instruction manual included.
  • Fun colors for an enjoyable sewing experience.

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  • User-Friendly Design: The Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine is designed with beginners in mind, featuring an intuitive layout and easy-to-follow instructions. This makes it accessible for users of all skill levels.

  • Versatility for Various Projects: With 15 built-in stitches, including options for quilting, garment sewing, and home décor, this machine provides the versatility needed for a wide range of creative projects.

  • Convenient Features: The front-loading bobbin system, snap-on presser feet, and adjustable stitch settings make the sewing process efficient and enjoyable. The removable free arm adds convenience for sewing sleeves and hems.

  • Durable Construction: The heavy-duty interior metal frame ensures stability and durability, providing a sturdy foundation for a reliable sewing machine that can withstand regular use over time.

  • Comprehensive Warranty: The 25-year limited warranty offers long-term peace of mind, showcasing the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability.


  • Limited Stitch Variety: While the machine covers essential stitches for various projects, it might be considered limiting for advanced sewers who require a broader selection of specialized stitches.

  • Noisy Operation: Some users have reported that the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine can produce more noise during operation compared to other models. This may be a consideration for those who prefer quieter machines.

Let’s dive into the extensive array of features that make this sewing machine a standout choice.

Heavy Metal Frame for Stability

The Janome Pink Sorbet Sewing Machine boasts a robust heavy metal frame. This solid foundation provides stability during sewing, ensuring that your machine stays in place even when working on intricate or large projects. The durability of the frame is a testament to the machine’s reliability and long-lasting performance.

25-Year Limited Warranty for Peace of Mind

Your investment in the Janome Pink Sorbet comes with the assurance of a 25-year limited warranty. This generous warranty period offers peace of mind, covering potential defects and issues that may arise. It reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the machine’s quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

800 Stitches Per Minute (spm) for Efficient Sewing

With a sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute, the Janome Pink Sorbet is a powerhouse of efficiency. Whether you’re working on a quick project or tackling a larger task, this impressive speed ensures that you can complete your sewing projects in a timely manner.

15 Built-In Stitches for Versatility

Discover a world of creative possibilities with the 15 built-in stitches. From basic stitches to decorative ones, this diverse selection caters to various sewing needs. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these stitches offer the flexibility to customize your projects with ease.

Four-Step Buttonhole for Button Sewing

Creating buttonholes is a breeze with the Janome Pink Sorbet’s four-step buttonhole feature. This functionality simplifies the process of adding buttons to your garments, ensuring a professional and polished finish to your sewing projects.

Snap-On Presser Feet for Easy Changes

Effortlessly switch between different sewing tasks with the snap-on presser feet. This convenient feature eliminates the need for complicated adjustments, allowing you to seamlessly transition between presser feet to accommodate diverse fabrics and techniques.

3-Piece Feed Dog System for Smooth Fabric Feeding

Experience smooth and precise fabric feeding with the 3-piece feed dog system. This essential component ensures that your fabric moves smoothly under the needle, preventing uneven stitches and allowing you to achieve professional-looking results.

Free Arm for Sewing Sleeves and Hems

The Janome Pink Sorbet’s free arm is a versatile addition, especially when working on projects that involve sleeves or hemming. Easily remove the storage compartment to reveal the free arm, providing access to tight spaces for more intricate sewing tasks.

Push-Pull Bobbin Winder for Convenient Winding

Simplify the bobbin winding process with the push-pull bobbin winder. This user-friendly feature streamlines the setup, making it quick and easy to prepare your machine for sewing. Spend less time on preparation and more time on bringing your creative ideas to life.

Extra High Presser Foot Lift for Thick Fabrics

Tackle a variety of fabrics with ease, thanks to the extra high presser foot lift. This feature accommodates thicker materials, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different fabric types without compromising stitch quality or machine performance.

Stitch Selection Dial for Easy Stitch Choosing

Navigate through the diverse stitches effortlessly with the stitch selection dial. This intuitive control simplifies the process of choosing the right stitch for your project, providing a user-friendly experience for both beginners and experienced sewists.

Vertical Oscillating Hook Bobbin System

Experience reliable bobbin performance with the vertical oscillating hook bobbin system. This mechanism ensures consistent and precise bobbin placement, contributing to the overall smooth operation of the sewing machine.

Maximum Stitch Width of 5mm

Customize your stitches with a maximum width of 5mm. This adjustable feature allows you to create various stitch styles and widths, providing the flexibility needed for different sewing techniques and creative expressions.

Maximum Stitch Length of 4mm

Achieve your desired stitch length with a maximum of 4mm. This adjustable setting is crucial for tailoring your stitches to suit specific projects, ensuring that your sewing meets the exact requirements of each task.

Two Retractable, Vertical Spool Pins

Enhance your thread management with the two retractable, vertical spool pins. This thoughtful design accommodates multiple spools of thread simultaneously, allowing you to work with different colors or types of thread without constant re-threading.

LED Sewing Space Light for Visibility

Illuminate your sewing projects with the LED sewing space light. This built-in light source enhances visibility, reducing eye strain and ensuring that you have a clear view of your work area for precise and accurate stitching.

Adjustable Thread Tension for Different Fabrics

Achieve optimal stitch quality by selecting the right thread tension for your fabric type. The adjustable thread tension feature allows you to fine-tune the tension with a simple turn of the dial, ensuring consistent and professional-looking results.

Front-Loading Bobbin System for Easy Access

Simplify the bobbin threading process with the front-loading bobbin system. This design allows for easy access, enabling you to change bobbins quickly and efficiently, even when your fabric is already under the presser foot.

Built-In Bobbin Loading Guide for Convenience

Say goodbye to fumbling with bobbin threading. The Janome Pink Sorbet comes with a built-in bobbin loading guide, ensuring that you can easily thread the bobbin case without the need to search for the manual. This thoughtful feature enhances the user-friendly nature of the machine.

Easy-Access Instructions for Bobbin Threading

Navigating the bobbin threading process is made simple with easy-access instructions. Even if you misplace your manual, threading the bobbin case remains straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free sewing experience.

Removable Free Arm Attachment for Versatility

Transform your sewing machine into a free arm with the removable free arm attachment. This feature is especially useful for sewing small openings like sleeves or hemming a pair of pants, providing added versatility to your sewing capabilities.

Concealed Accessory Storage in the Free Arm

Maximize organization with concealed accessory storage in the free arm. Keep your essential sewing accessories close at hand, ensuring that you can quickly access the tools you need without interrupting your creative flow.

Darning Plate Included for Free-Motion Sewing

Explore the world of free-motion sewing with the included darning plate. This accessory opens up a realm of creative possibilities, allowing you to express your unique style through free-motion stitching and embellishments.

Adjustable Zigzag Width for Stitch Customization

Tailor your stitches to perfection with the adjustable zigzag width feature. This customization option allows you to create different stitch patterns and widths, adding a personal touch to your sewing projects.

Maximum Throat Space for Larger Projects

Embark on ambitious projects with confidence, thanks to the maximum throat space provided by the Janome Pink Sorbet. Whether you’re quilting or working on other large-scale endeavors, this feature ensures that you have ample space to maneuver your fabric.

Easy Reverse Lever for Stitching in Reverse

Reinforce your stitches effortlessly with the easy reverse lever. This practical feature enables you to sew in reverse with a simple flick of the lever, ensuring the durability and longevity of your seams.

Home Decor, Fashion & Quilting Capabilities

Adapt to a variety of sewing projects seamlessly with the Janome Pink Sorbet. From home decor and fashion to quilting, this machine is equipped to handle a diverse range of tasks, making it a versatile companion for all your creative endeavors.

Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual Included

Navigate through your sewing adventures with ease using the Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual included with the Janome Pink Sorbet. These comprehensive guides provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring that you can set up and operate your machine with confidence.

Fun Colors for an Enjoyable Sewing Experience

Immerse yourself in the joy of sewing with the fun colors of the Janome Pink Sorbet. Beyond its functional features, the vibrant design adds a playful element to your creative space, making each sewing session an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience.


The Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine comes with a comprehensive set of features and accessories to enhance your sewing experience:

4 Presser Feet:

    • General Purpose Foot: For standard sewing tasks.
    • Zipper Foot: Facilitates easy zipper insertion.
    • Blind Hemming Foot: Ideal for creating blind hems on garments.
    • Sliding Buttonhole Foot: Helps in crafting buttonholes in a four-step process.

Beginner Accessories:

    • Designed with beginners in mind, the machine includes accessories to support learning and experimentation.

Easy-to-Follow Instructional Manual:

    • A user-friendly guide that provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and using the sewing machine.

25-Year Limited Warranty:

    • Offers long-term assurance and peace of mind, reflecting the manufacturer’s confidence in the machine’s quality and durability.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lift:

    • Allows for easy placement of thick fabrics or multiple layers, expanding the machine’s versatility.



FeatureJanome Pink SorbetJanome MOD-15Janome 2212Brother XM2701
Built-In Stitches15151227
Feed Dog System3-piece4-piece4-piece6-piece
Bobbin SystemFront-loadingTop-loadingFront-loadingTop-loading
Free ArmYesYesYesYes
Presser FeetSnap-onSnap-onSnap-onSnap-on
Stitch AdjustmentLength & Zigzag WidthLength & Zigzag WidthLength & Zigzag WidthLength & Zigzag Width
Thread TensionAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Maximum Stitch Width5mm5mm5mm5mm
Maximum Stitch Length4mm4mm4mm4mm
Sewing Speed (SPM)800860860800
Warranty25-year limited25-year limited25-year limited25-year limited
VersatilityQuilting, Home Décor, etc.VariousGeneral SewingVersatile
Additional FeaturesLED Light, Retractable PinsMetal Frame, Easy ThreadingDrop Feed, Darning PlateAutomatic Needle Threader


Is the Janome Pink Sorbet suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine was designed with beginners in mind. Its user-friendly features and easy-to-follow instructions make it an excellent choice for those starting their sewing journey.

Can I tackle a variety of projects with this machine?

Certainly, the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine is versatile enough to handle a wide range of projects, including garment sewing, home décor, quilting, and even heirloom creations.

How do I access support if I encounter issues?

Rest assured, Janome provides comprehensive support. You can refer to the included Quick Start Guide and Instruction Manual for assistance. Additionally, Janome offers online resources and customer support to address any queries.

Is the machine suitable for quilting?

Yes, the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine is well-suited for quilting projects. Its features cater to the needs of quilting enthusiasts, providing a smooth and efficient quilting experience.

Can I use this machine for everyday sewing tasks?

Absolutely, the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine is designed for everyday sewing tasks. Whether you’re mending clothes or working on creative projects, this machine offers the versatility needed for various sewing endeavors.

Is the machine portable and easy to store?

Yes, the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine is compact and portable, making it easy to move and store. Its lightweight design ensures that you can set it up wherever creativity strikes.



In conclusion, the Janome Pink Sorbet sewing machine presents itself as a vibrant and user-friendly choice, particularly well-suited for beginners and those seeking a versatile sewing companion. Its 15 built-in stitches, including a four-step buttonhole, cater to a variety of creative projects, ranging from basic sewing to quilting and home décor. The 3-piece feed dog system ensures smooth fabric feeding, and the adjustable stitch length and zigzag width provide customization options.

The front-loading bobbin system, complete with a built-in loading guide, simplifies the threading process. The inclusion of four presser feet, a removable free arm, and an adjustable thread tension dial adds to the machine’s convenience and adaptability. The heavy-duty interior metal frame contributes to stability and durability, instilling confidence in its long-term performance.


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