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Brother Sewing MachineBrother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother Sewing Machine, Founded in 1908 in Japan, Brother began its journey as a manufacturer of sewing machines and sewing machine parts. Over the years, the company’s dedication to innovation and precision engineering propelled it to the forefront of the sewing industry. Today, Brother is recognized as a global leader in sewing technology, with a presence in over 100 countries. Its sewing machines have become a symbol of craftsmanship, creativity, and the pursuit of perfection. There  Are many  Popular Brother Sewing Machine on amazon to Buy .

Review of: Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why is it Better?

Brother PQ1500SL Quilting And Sewing Machine Review, this is made thinking on sewers that love the trade and want to start or grow their passion for sewing.

Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother PQ1500SL – Unveiling the Powerhouse

Design and Build with Brother PQ1500SL

The first impression of the Brother PQ1500SL is one of robustness and durability. This machine is built to last, with a heavy-duty construction that can handle even the most challenging sewing and quilting projects.

1,500 Stitches/Minute Maximum Speed Brother PQ1500SL

At 1,500 stitches per minute, the PQ1500SL demonstrates its commitment to efficiency and productivity. Whether you’re stitching together intricate quilt blocks, creating stylish garments, or crafting home decor items, this high-speed capability ensures that you can tackle your projects swiftly and with precision.

Advanced Feeding System

Achieving precise and even stitching is essential in sewing and quilting. The Brother PQ1500SL boasts an advanced feeding system that includes a pin-feed mechanism and four feed dog settings. 

 Large Workspace

Quilting and sewing larger projects often require ample space to maneuver your fabric. The PQ1500SL offers an expansive workspace, measuring 12″ x 18″, which provides you with the room you need to tackle even the most extensive quilts and projects comfortably.

Automatic Needle ThreaderBrother PQ1500SL

The Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine is packed with essential features to enhance your sewing experience, including the convenience of an automatic needle threader. This user-friendly feature simplifies the often tricky task of threading the needle. With just a swift push, the automatic needle threader effortlessly guides the thread through the eye of the needle, eliminating the need for strained eyes and steady hands.

Automatic Thread Cutter in Brother PQ1500SL

The Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine offers an Automatic Thread Cutter, adding yet another layer of convenience to your sewing and quilting experience. 

Precision Stitch Control

Whether you’re working on delicate fabrics or heavy materials, the PQ1500SL offers precise stitch control. With an adjustable stitch length and an automatic thread tension feature, you can customize your stitches to suit the specific requirements of your project, ensuring consistent and professional results every time.

 Versatility That Knows No Bounds with Brother PQ1500SL

One of the standout features of the Brother PQ1500SL is its remarkable versatility. This machine is not limited to a single type of project; rather, it is designed to tackle a wide range of sewing and quilting tasks with ease.

Quilting Mastery

For quilting enthusiasts, the PQ1500SL is a dream come true. Its powerful motor, generous workspace, and advanced feeding system make quilting a breeze. 

Garment Sewing

If garment sewing is your passion, the PQ1500SL has you covered. The high-speed sewing capability is perfect for creating garments quickly and efficiently. 

Home Decor and More

The creative possibilities with the PQ1500SL are virtually limitless. Whether you’re sewing home decor items like curtains and throw pillows or crafting accessories like bags and totes, this machine’s precision and versatility empower you to bring your design ideas to life.

Decorative Stitching

For those who love adding decorative elements to their projects, the PQ1500SL offers a range of built-in decorative stitches. 

 Ease of Use and User-Friendly Features In Brother PQ1500SL

While the Brother PQ1500SL is packed with advanced features and capabilities, it is designed with the user in mind. Brother understands that a sewing machine should not be intimidating but rather a tool that empowers your creativity.

Easy Threading

Threading the PQ1500SL is a breeze, thanks to its automatic needle threading system. This feature eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming manual threading, making it an excellent choice for sewists of all skill levels.

Top drop-in bobbin

A top drop-in bobbin is a preferred choice for many sewing enthusiasts for two compelling reasons. Firstly, the transparent bobbin case characteristic of this design offers a distinct advantage – it allows you to easily monitor the thread supply. 

Secondly, the top drop-in bobbin design is good for its jam-proof nature. 

 Knee Lifter

The Brother PQ1500SL includes a convenient knee lifter that allows you to raise and lower the presser foot with your knee, leaving your hands free to guide your fabric. This feature is especially handy when quilting or working on large

Thread Tension Dial

The Thread Tension Dial, located prominently on the front of the Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine, is a crucial component that empowers you to achieve precise and consistent stitching results.

Feet galore

  1. Zipper foot
  2. invisible zipper foot
  3. Walking foot
  4. Rolled hem foot
  5. 1/4″ foot
  6. Pin feed foot
  7. Free motion quilting foot
  8. Seam guide
  9. Feed pin and lining plate screws
  10. Fabric Separator

Numerous Accessories with Brother PQ1500SL

Like other Brother sewing machines, this model comes with numerous accessories, including several accessory feet, such as:

  • Adjustable zipper
  • General purpose
  • Rolled hem
  • Spring action quilting
  • Walking
  • Invisible zipper
  • 1/4”

The PQ1500SL also comes with additional accessories, including:

  • Needle packet
  • Knee lifter
  • High shank
  • Ballpoint needle
  • Fabric separator
  • Spool cap
  • 5 metal bobbins
  • Feed pin changer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Seam guide
  • Spool cushion
  • 2 screwdrivers

All of these accessories make it easy to complete your quilting and sewing projects right out of the box.


If you are considering purchasing this excellent Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine, we have also included our standard diagram of ratings and lists of pros-cons.





Is It Noisy?

like most sewing machines, the Brother PQ1500SL does emit some noise during operation, but it is generally considered tolerable. It won’t disrupt your ability to enjoy music or have a conversation with a friend while sewing.

Is It A Portable Sewing Machine?

The Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine is not a portable sewing machine due to its substantial weight of 13.5 kg and dimensions measuring 20.1 x 32 x 49 cm. This model is designed to be a permanent fixture on a sewing table or workstation.

Is The Brother PQ1500SL For Beginners?

The Brother PQ1500SL is not typically recommended for beginners. Its high-speed capabilities can be intimidating for those who are just starting to learn to sew. It’s advisable for beginners to begin their sewing journey with a more basic, mechanical sewing machine to build their skills and confidence. As they gain experience and develop their sewing skills, they can then consider transitioning to the PQ1500SL.

Does it come with any feet?

This machine comes with a few accessories; just like all Brother machines do. The accessories also include feet. The accessories include wide extension table, knee lifter, a pack of assorted needles, a pack of bobbin, foot control pedal, high shank, fabric separator, spool cap, feed pin charger, cleaning brush, spool cushion, 2 screwdrivers and feet such as adjustable zipper foot, general purpose foot, rolled hem foot, spring action quilting foot, walking foot, invisible zipper foot and ¼” foot.

What Is The Purpose Of The Knee Pedal?

The knee pedal on the Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine serves as a valuable tool for hands-free operation during sewing and quilting tasks. It allows you to lift the presser foot without using your hands, making it easier to pivot or turn fabric while working on your sewing project.


The Brother PQ1500SL is an indispensable addition to any sewing room, offering exceptional sturdiness and versatility that caters to various sewing enthusiasts’ needs.

Quilters, in particular, will find this machine to be their trusted companion. It’s designed to enhance your quilting experience by accelerating your work pace and ensuring flawless piecing on your quilt tops every time you sit down to create.

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