Brother FB1757T Review in details

The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine stands out as the best choice of sewing machine, for its exceptional features.

Brother is a well-known brand in the sewing machine industry, offering a wide range of machines catering to various sewing needs. The company has a long history and is recognized for producing reliable and innovative sewing machines. Here’s a general introduction to Brother sewing machines:

  1. History: Brother Industries, Ltd., the parent company of Brother sewing machines, was founded in 1908 in Nagoya, Japan. Initially, the company focused on sewing machine repairs but later expanded into manufacturing its own machines.

  2. Diverse Product Range: Brother offers a diverse range of sewing machines to cater to different skill levels and purposes. They produce machines suitable for beginners, intermediate users, and professionals in various sewing disciplines.

  3. Innovation: Brother has been a pioneer in incorporating technology into sewing machines. Many of their models feature advanced functions like computerized stitching, automatic thread cutting, embroidery capabilities, and more.

  4. User-Friendly Features: Brother sewing machines are known for their user-friendly design and features. This makes them suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers. Many models come with easy-to-follow instructional guides and LCD screens for intuitive navigation.

  5. Embroidery Machines: Brother is particularly renowned for its embroidery machines. These machines allow users to add intricate and detailed embroidery designs to their projects. They often come with built-in designs, USB connectivity for importing custom designs, and other creative features.

  6. Quilting Machines: Quilters also appreciate Brother machines designed specifically for quilting. These machines typically have features like wide sewing tables, precise stitching, and quilting stitches to enhance the quilting process.

  7. Durability and Reliability: Brother sewing machines are generally known for their durability and reliability. The brand is trusted by many sewers for producing machines that withstand regular use over the years.

  8. Customer Support: Brother provides good customer support, offering assistance through manuals, online resources, and customer service channels. This helps users troubleshoot issues and get the most out of their machines.

  9. Affordability: Brother sewing machines are often considered affordable, providing a good balance of features and quality at various price points.

  10. Global Presence: Brother has a global presence, with its sewing machines available in many countries. This ensures a wide user base and accessibility to their products.

Before purchasing a Brother sewing machine, it’s advisable to consider your specific sewing needs and skill level to find a model that best suits your requirements. Additionally, checking reviews and customer feedback can provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of specific models.

The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine appears to be designed with features that enhance the sewing experience, particularly with a focus on ease of use and powerful performance.

Below you will find the Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine Review, hand-picked by us to highlight both the good and bad points.

Review of: Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine


Our Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Why is it Better?

  • 17 built-in stitches, including a four-step buttonhole.
  • Easy blind hem stitch for professional-looking hems.
  • Bright LED work area for visibility on dark fabrics.
  • Simple bobbin winding on the vertical shaft.
  • Convenient stitch selector dial for pattern selection.
  • Upper thread tension control dial for even stitches.
  • Free arm sewing surface for cuffs and sleeves.
  • Adjustable pattern selection and thread tension.
  • Jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin for easy use.
  • Reverse sewing feature for seam reinforcement.
  • Stitch variety includes straight, zigzag, and more.
  • Easy threading and tension adjustment.
  • Accessory storage for organized tool keeping.
  • No display, 6 feed dog points for efficient sewing.
  • Included accessory feet: Zigzag, Buttonhole, Button Zipper.
  • Compact unit dimensions: 5.87″ x 15.31″ x 12.01″.
  • Unit weight: 14.551 lbs.
  • Maximum sewing speed: 800 stitches per minute.
  • Stitch length: 4mm, Stitch width: 5mm.
  • Warranty: 1/2/25 Year Plus Limited Warranty.

If you are considering  purchasing this excellent , we have also included our standard diagram of Brother FB1757T Sewing Machineratings and lists of pros-consBrother FB1757T



  • Versatile Stitching Options: The Brother FB1757T offers 17 built-in stitches, including a four-step buttonhole, providing versatility for various sewing projects.

  • User-Friendly Features: Easy-to-use blind hem stitch, brightly lit work area, and a simple bobbin winding system contribute to a user-friendly experience, especially for beginners.

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: With unit dimensions of 5.87″ x 15.31″ x 12.01″ and a weight of 14.551 lbs, the machine is portable and suitable for various sewing spaces.

  • Jam-Resistant Top Drop-In Bobbin: The jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin ensures smooth sewing without the frustration of frequent bobbin jams, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Free Arm Sewing Surface: The inclusion of a free arm sewing surface is advantageous for sewing cuffs and sleeves, adding flexibility to your sewing projects.

  • Diverse Stitch Selection: A wide range of stitches, including straight, zigzag, blind hem, overedge, and more, caters to various sewing applications and creative projects.

  • LED Work Area: The brightly lit work area with LED lighting improves visibility, making it easy to sew accurately on dark fabrics and enhancing overall stitch quality.


  • Limited Display Functionality: The machine lacks a digital display, which may be a drawback for users who prefer more advanced features and visual guidance.

  • Slightly Limited Maximum Sewing Speed: While the maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute is decent for most projects, some users may find it slightly limiting for more time-sensitive tasks.

The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine with Quilt Extension Table is a versatile and user-friendly sewing companion designed to make your sewing endeavors a breeze. Packed with an array of features suitable for various applications, this machine offers both beginners and experienced sewers the tools they need to bring their creative visions to life. Let’s delve into the details of the impressive features that set the Brother FB1757T apart.

Built-in Stitches and Buttonholes

The FB1757T boasts a comprehensive selection of 17 built-in stitches, providing you with a versatile range for different sewing projects. Additionally, it includes a convenient four-step buttonhole maker, making buttonhole creation a seamless process.

Easy-to-Use Blind Hem Stitch

Experience the convenience of a user-friendly blind hem stitch feature. This functionality allows you to effortlessly create professional-looking hems, simplifying the often tedious task of mending.

Brightly Lit Work Area

Sewing on dark fabrics is made easy with the brightly lit LED work area. Enjoy enhanced visibility, ensuring accurate seams and stitch quality even in low-light conditions.

Easy Bobbin Winding System

The vertical shaft of the FB1757T facilitates an easy bobbin winding system. Simply press on the shaft, and the machine will efficiently wind the bobbin, saving you time and effort.

Stitch Selector Dial

Navigate through the diverse stitch options effortlessly with the stitch selector dial. The reference guide helps you choose the desired pattern, and the dial allows you to make your selection conveniently.

Upper Thread Tension Control Dial

Achieve consistent and even stitches with the upper thread tension control dial. This feature allows you to fine-tune the tension, ensuring optimal stitching results for various fabrics and projects.

Free Arm Sewing Surface

The FB1757T provides a free arm sewing surface, making it ideal for sewing cuffs and sleeves. This feature adds versatility to your sewing projects, allowing you to tackle a variety of garment types with ease.

Adjustable Pattern Selection and Upper Thread Tension Control

Fine-tune your sewing experience with adjustable pattern selection and upper thread tension control. The convenient dials enable you to customize your settings for different sewing tasks.

Jam-Resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin

Experience hassle-free sewing with the jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin feature. Simply drop in a full bobbin, thread through the slot, and start sewing without concerns about bobbin jams.

 Reverse Sewing

Reinforce your stitches and secure the ends of seams with the reverse sewing feature. This adds durability to your projects and ensures a professional finish.

Stitch Variety

The FB1757T covers a wide range of stitch options, including straight, zigzag, blind hem, overedge, elastic, double action, and a built-in buttonhole maker stitch. This extensive variety caters to diverse sewing applications and creative projects.

Easy Threading

Simplify the threading process with easy threading functionality. The machine is designed for user convenience, minimizing the time spent on setup.

 Easy Tension Adjustment

Fine-tune the tension of your threads effortlessly with easy tension adjustment. This feature ensures that your stitches are even and professional-looking across different fabrics.

. Accessory Storage

Keep your workspace organized with dedicated accessory storage. The FB1757T provides a convenient space to store included accessories, ensuring everything is within reach when you need it.

 Display Type

Though lacking a display, the intuitive design of the FB1757T makes it easy to navigate and select your desired stitches without the need for a complex digital interface.

 Feed Dog Points

The machine features 6 feed dog points, ensuring efficient fabric feeding during sewing. This contributes to smooth and precise stitching across various fabric types.

Included Accessory Feet

The FB1757T comes equipped with essential accessory feet, including the Zigzag foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Zipper Foot, foot control, and an instruction manual to guide you through the functionalities.

 Unit Dimensions

Compact in design, the unit dimensions of the FB1757T are 5.87″ in width, 15.31″ in depth, and 12.01″ in height, making it suitable for various sewing spaces.

 Unit Weight

Weighing 14.551 lbs, the FB1757T strikes a balance between portability and stability, providing a reliable sewing experience.

Maximum Sewing Speed

With a maximum sewing speed of 800 stitches per minute, the FB1757T allows you to complete your sewing projects efficiently.

Stitch Length and Width

Adjust the stitch length up to 4mm and the stitch width up to 5mm, giving you control over the dimensions of your stitches for different fabric types and sewing styles.


Enjoy peace of mind with the 1/2/25 Year Plus Limited Warranty, providing assurance and support for your investment in the Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine.


FeatureBrother FB1757TJanome HD3000
Built-in Stitches17, including 4-step buttonhole18, including 1-step buttonhole
Ease of UseUser-friendly features, LED work areaIntuitive design, easy navigation
Machine Weight14.551 lbs18.7 lbs
Stitch VarietyVersatile stitches for diverse projectsDiverse stitches for various sewing applications
Bobbin SystemJam-resistant drop-in top bobbinTop-loading, jam-proof bobbin system
Stitch SelectionStitch selector dial for easy pattern selectionStitch selector dial with stitch chart
Maximum Sewing Speed800 stitches per minute860 stitches per minute
Feed Dog Points67
Built-in Needle ThreaderNoYes
Included AccessoriesZigzag foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Zipper Foot, and moreZigzag foot, Buttonhole foot, Blind Hem foot, and more
Warranty1/2/25 Year Plus Limited Warranty25-year limited warranty


How User-Friendly is the Brother FB1757T?

The Brother FB1757T is exceptionally user-friendly, catering to both beginners and experienced sewers. Its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate features make it a welcoming companion for those new to sewing, while its efficiency and versatility are appreciated by seasoned users.

Is the Brother FB1757T Suitable for a Variety of Projects?

Absolutely. The Brother FB1757T is versatile enough to handle a broad spectrum of sewing projects. From basic mending tasks to intricate stitching on various fabrics, this machine adapts well to the diverse needs of sewers, making it an ideal choice for creative endeavors.

How Reliable is the Jam-Resistant Top Drop-In Bobbin System?

The jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin system is a standout feature of the Brother FB1757T. It significantly reduces the likelihood of frustrating bobbin jams, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted sewing experience. This reliability contributes to the overall efficiency of the machine.

What Sets the Brother FB1757T Apart in Terms of Design?

The design of the Brother FB1757T is not only compact and portable but also thoughtfully crafted for optimal functionality. Its well-lit work area, ergonomic controls, and the inclusion of a free arm sewing surface demonstrate a commitment to user comfort and practicality.

Can the Brother FB1757T Handle Both Simple and Complex Sewing Tasks?

Yes, the Brother FB1757T strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality. While it excels in handling basic sewing and mending tasks with ease, its range of built-in stitches and features also allows users to explore more complex and creative projects, making it suitable for a wide skill range.

How Does the Machine Contribute to a Enjoyable Sewing Experience?

The Brother FB1757T enhances the sewing experience by combining efficiency with ease of use. The inclusion of features like easy threading, adjustable tension, and a variety of stitches ensures that sewers can focus on their creative process without being hindered by technical complexities. It transforms sewing from a task to an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Is the Brother FB1757T Suitable for Various Sewing Environments?

Yes, the Brother FB1757T is designed to be adaptable to different sewing environments. Its compact dimensions make it suitable for smaller spaces, while its lightweight design allows for easy transportation. Whether in a dedicated sewing room or a versatile crafting space, this machine seamlessly integrates into various setups.

How Does the Brother FB1757T Support Sewing Enthusiasts in Their Journey?

The Brother FB1757T goes beyond being a mere sewing machine; it becomes a supportive companion in the sewing journey. Its combination of user-friendly features, reliability, and versatility encourages sewers to explore their creativity and develop their skills, fostering a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Does the Brother FB1757T Offer a Sense of Long-Term Investment?

Certainly. With a 1/2/25 Year Plus Limited Warranty, the Brother FB1757T provides assurance and confidence in its durability. This long-term warranty underscores the brand’s commitment to standing behind the quality of their product, making it a reliable investment for those looking for a sewing machine to grow with over the years.


In conclusion, the Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine emerges as a versatile and user-friendly companion for sewing enthusiasts. Its thoughtful design, combined with a range of features, caters to both beginners and experienced sewers, making it adaptable to a variety of projects. The machine’s efficiency is highlighted by the jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin system, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted sewing experience.

The creative freedom offered by the FB1757T is evident in its broad stitch variety and the inclusion of practical features such as the brightly lit work area and free arm sewing surface. Its compact and lightweight design adds to its appeal, making it suitable for various sewing environments.

Moreover, the machine’s ability to handle both simple mending tasks and more complex projects positions it as a valuable asset for sewers at different skill levels. The focus on user enjoyment is reflected in features like easy threading, adjustable tension, and an overall hassle-free operation, contributing to a positive and rewarding sewing experience.

The Brother FB1757T is not just a sewing machine; it’s a supportive companion in the sewing journey, encouraging creativity and skill development. Backed by a 1/2/25 Year Plus Limited Warranty, it instills confidence in its long-term durability, making it a reliable investment for those seeking a sewing machine that can evolve with their skills over time.

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